Wall Street Journal - May 13 2020 - Show Stoppers

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Clues Answers
“Critics have spoken,” as featured in 17-, 25-, 51- and 64-Across THEREVIEWSAREIN
“Hold on there!” WHOA
“Men in Black” antagonists ALIENS
“Not a good time for me” IMBUSY
“The actors all seem mopey...” DOWNCAST
“The music is uninspired...” OLDSCORE
“The objects the actors handle are bizarrely designed...” MADPROPS
“The whole show stinks!” FOULPLAY
“Those ___ the days!” WERE
1949 Robert A. Heinlein novel REDPLANET
1980 Tony winner for Best Musical EVITA
2019 Broadway jukebox musical TINA
African serpent ASP
Alan with three Tony nominations ALDA
Antipasto items OLIVES
Avoiding the spotlight SHY
Baby carriers? MAMAS
Banded agate ONYX
Basilica part APSE
Bearers of bouquets, at times WOOERS
Bill addition TAX
Brand with Good Grips gadgets OXO
Cartographer’s trove MAPS
Challah, for one BREAD
Cheery greeting HIHO
Cow on some condensed milk cans ELSIE
Crew equipment OAR
Daily duty CHORE
Dale who won a Tony for “Barnum” JIM
Email command SEND
Exclamation indicating an epiphany AHA
General truth AXIOM
Goddess of the dawn EOS
Greatly dismay APPALL
Have lofty goals ASPIRE
Hex-, halved TRI
Highway behemoth SEMI
His “Venus of Urbino” is in the Uffizi TITIAN
Clues Answers
Homicidal alter ego of fiction HYDE
Ida. neighbor MONT
Impressed reaction OOH
Initiates into Greek life HAZES
It began as Brad’s Drink PEPSI
Joins the chorus SINGS
Major appliance seller SEARS
Maker of Hue lights PHILIPS
Musical acuity EAR
Network WEB
Offensive look LEER
Origami step CREASE
Parks in Alabama ROSA
Period of peace and recovery POSTWAR
Porter Jr. of the Chicago Bulls OTTO
Price of thoughts? PENNY
Printer’s insert ERRATA
Show time, in ads TONITE
Shuriken throwers NINJAS
Skedaddles VAMOOSES
Special mall events TENTSALES
Squiggly swimmers EELS
State SNIT
Stiletto, for one HEEL
Strip for a pageant SASH
Summer of music DONNA
Switches without switching off, as a USB drive HOTSWAPS
Tear RIP
Teenage eruption ZIT
They’re sometimes cracked SAFES
Tiny bit IOTA
Turn white, perhaps BLEACH
Understand GRASP
URL letters HTTP
Walking aid CANE
Williams in Cooperstown TED
Wine region of Italy ASTI
Words of comprehension ISEE