L.A. Times Daily - May 12 2020

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Clues Answers
"It's just a flesh wound" IMOK
1927 movie innovation TALKIE
35mm camera type SLR
Absorb, with "up" SOP
Actor Neeson LIAM
Animal kingdom complication FLYINTHEOINTMENT
Animal kingdom eccentricity BATSINTHEBELFRY
Animal kingdom predator FOXINTHEHENHOUSE
Animal kingdom traitor SNAKEINTHEGRASS
Apple music app ITUNES
Artists' pads LOFTS
Bakery draw AROMA
Bark holder TREE
Big blood vessels AORTAE
Car radio letters AMFM
City west of Tulsa ENID
Clarinets, e.g REEDS
Clear-cut, as for lumber DEFOREST
Crunch's rank CAPN
Cultural funding gp NEA
Digit for water testing? TOE
Enjoy a bagel, say NOSH
Enticement LURE
Entr'__ ACTE
Fanatic love of animals ZOOMANIA
Figure of speech IDIOM
Fireworks cries OOHS
First razor with a pivoting head ATRA
Flanders of Springfield NED
Frugal way to wed ELOPE
Genius 8000 toothbrushes, e.g ORALBS
Go over again REHASH
Golf expert PRO
Gunny sack fabric BURLAP
Guys' attaché alternatives MANBAGS
HIV-treating drug AZT
Igor, to Dr. Frankenstein ASST
It can be fresh but not insulting AIR
It can end on a high note ARIA
Clues Answers
It may involve cooking the books TAXFRAUD
Like Redbox films ONDVD
Lucy of "Elementary" LIU
Mauna __ LOA
More brooding MOPIER
Most populous continent ASIA
Musical knack EAR
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Nonprofit URL ending ORG
One removed by a wine lover CORK
Parched DRY
PC shortcut key ALT
Pen points NIBS
Performs surgery OPERATES
Pesky critters VARMINTS
Pittsburgh team PIRATES
PreCheck org TSA
Pres. after Harry IKE
Ring ref's decision TKO
Road Runner stills, e.g CELS
Sauce made with pine nuts PESTO
Sheena who collaborated with Prince EASTON
Site-seeing place, with "the" NET
Socks pattern ARGYLE
Some undergrounds METROS
Space ROOM
Speeder's undoing RADAR
Stands for oils EASELS
Stat for the 45-Down RBI
Super Bowl IV MVP Dawson LEN
Swindled ROOKED
The Bosporus, e.g.: Abbr STR
Turkic language UZBEK
Two before Charlie ALFA
Word with contracts or contractions LABOR
Work a crowd SCHMOOZE
__ a plea COP
__-chic: hippie-influenced fashion style BOHO