Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 12 2020

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Clues Answers
Adam and Ray from steel yard ELDEST
Address of the sisters PRESENTATION
Admits Grant is taken in by tricks CONCEDES
Country ends appalling practice nowadays of accepted conventions USAGES
Dismiss those starting in the building game LETGO
Engineer finds test site to address complicated design ELABORATE
Exerts influence in secret for Yanks from 20 down on bender PULLSSTRINGS
In league with boy released by Old Bailey ALLIED
In Ulster, make a scene or keep it discreet? DOWNPLAY
It's a mistake losing the head with local rascal ERROR
Leaves home and joins wedding band - lead singer is helping those in 13 across with dating TREERINGS
Made less relaxed by dental hygienist removing inlays TIGHTENED
Offerings of drinks produced by Cricket Club - the first from India welcomed by those with pride LIBATIONS
Old modes of transport for Crusades all over the place USEDCARS
Clues Answers
One American university reviews lists of duties of plagiarist IMITATOR
Orders lessons? INSTRUCTIONS
Recreates without care for Holly and Hazel TREES
Remove fat as agreed, cooking starters with scrambled eggs DEGREASE
Search around Lima for growth TRAWL
Show of hands for the pit workers, for instance APPLAUSE
Small admission by one of those at The Gate SENTRY
Street in Waterford with a group of Arabians? STRING
Submarine rises to the top of the sea and heads for shelters at various stages BUSSTOPS
To cross Swords, motorcyclist went over 100 BICKER
Turns up a long spring is a favourite in the Spanish restaurant business PAELLA
Worker is first to undertake a number of assignments historically setting people free MANUMISSIONS
Works at the gate guarding a space for loungers in Barcelona PLAYAS
You'd expect footballers to be in possession of this in area where some make movements to score? CLUBLAND