Wall Street Journal - May 12 2020 - A Head for Business

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Clues Answers
“Buh-bye!” SEEYA
“I knew it all along!” AHA
“Pardon the Interruption” channel ESPN
“Terrible” time for tots TWOS
“___ the big idea?” WHATS
*Cardboard clippings for schools BOXTOPS
*Fundamental basis CORNERSTONE
*Playoff period POSTSEASON
*Traditional cure HOMEREMEDY
Apple Store purchase IPAD
Auction off SELL
Be a lookout, maybe ABET
Big name in chips INTEL
Blue hue TEAL
Blueprint bit SPEC
Borrow for a fee RENT
Chilly COLD
Color DYE
Commuting choice RAIL
Criminal coverups? SKIMASKS
Demolition stuff TNT
Do one’s civic duty VOTE
Drum kit cymbals HIHAT
Exclamation with a dramatic reveal TADA
Fail, as a business GOUNDER
Fireflies do it BLINK
Game of love? TENNIS
Gets ready, as leftovers REHEATS
Give a knuckle sandwich SLUG
Had a meal ATE
Idyllic setting EDEN
Jokey Jay LENO
KGB’s base USSR
Kindle download EBOOK
Largest continent ASIA
Leaves in the lurch STRANDS
Lofty degree NTH
Lower, as lights DIM
Clues Answers
Made an appearance CAME
Management department of a company, and a hint to the starred answers FRONTOFFICE
Mexican money PESOS
Mideast VIPs EMIRS
Mischievous person SCAMP
Moment to shine onstage SOLO
Neighborhood AREA
Occur as a result ENSUE
Old, but cool RETRO
Olfactory indication ODOR
One of 18 on a course HOLE
Online stop SITE
Oscar winner Julianne MOORE
Passes with flying colors ACES
Plant SOW
Police dept. alerts APBS
Polish for publication EDIT
Question after waking from a coma, say WHEREAMI
Raise to the third power CUBE
Rams like rams do BUTTS
Retailer with a cat-and-dog logo PETCO
Rides the rapids RAFTS
Risqué message SEXT
River of Hades STYX
School on the Thames ETON
Show emotion REACT
Shucker’s unit EAR
Sock wigglers TOES
Spanish finger foods TAPAS
Succinct BRIEF
Tadpoles and caterpillars LARVAS
Take the helm STEER
That fellow HIM
Theater fixtures SEATS
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Unprincipled fellow CAD
Utmost, informally MAX
Wands RODS
You, to a Quaker THEE