Universal - Jan 10 2010

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Clues Answers
"Andy Capp" quaff ALE
"Anna Karenina" author's first name LEO
"As ___ instructions" PER
"Ask away!" SHOOT
"I am the greatest" speaker ALI
"I ___ Fine" (Beatles hit) FEEL
"Over the Rainbow" composer Harold ARLEN
"The Untouchables" protagonist NESS
"___ do you good!" ITLL
African antelope TOPI
Allegiance avowal PLEDGE
Animal stomach CRAW
Apply acid artistically ETCH
Armed engagement BATTLE
Assay subject ORE
Atlanta suburb MARIETTA
Atlas offering MAP
Auto-body woe RUST
Bad thing to marry in HASTE
Base times height AREA
Be in accord AGREE
Beyond budding ABLOOM
Beyond the buoys ATSEA
Black-ink item ASSET
Blokes CHAPS
Bovine hangout LEA
Bus terminal? ESS
Cargo of the Valdez OIL
Christmas stocking disappointment COAL
Copyright concern USE
Cul-de-___ SAC
Cyclonic center EYEOFTHESTORM
Debussy's "La ___ " MER
Elephant abductor of myth ROC
Eschew edibles FAST
Fishing spools REELS
Hebrew calendar month ELUL
High, arcing shot LOB
Clues Answers
High-tech detector SENSOR
Honored place at dinner HEADOFTHETABLE
Humorist Lebowitz FRAN
In an extremely well-done manner SUPERBLY
Kind of kiln OAST
Leader overthrown in 1917 TSAR
Man with a mission? ABBOT
Mauna ___ (volcano) KEA
Moo ___ pork (Chinese dish) SHU
Moscow monetary unit RUBLE
Most curmudgeonly GRUFFEST
Name of four Holy Roman emperors OTTO
Not included LEFTOFF
Olympics ceremony music ANTHEM
Period to remember ERA
Pie serving SLICE
Ping-Pong partition NET
Popular hairdo in the '70s AFRO
River isle AIT
Rugged mountain ridges ARETES
Second-largest Great Lake HURON
Shrouded in mystery ESOTERIC
Sister and dance partner of Fred Astaire ADELE
Sister of Meg, Jo and Amy BETH
Small outgrowths ROOTLETS
Stretch out ELONGATE
Ten-to-one, e.g. RATIO
Tender cut of meat LOIN
Terminates CEASES
The world's biggest desert SAHARA
Thumbs-down at NASA NOGO
Trigonometric function TANH
Vert.'s opposite HOR
Veterinary patient PET
Where to find some solutions LAB
Work of exaltation ODE
___ Bora (Afghan mountain area) TORA
___ Kahn AGHA