The Washington Post Sunday - May 10 2020

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Clues Answers
'As I ___ it ...' SEE
'As I've ___ said ...' OFTEN
'At ___, private' EASE
'Based on a ___ story' TRUE
'Bejeweled' item GEM
'Chicago' setting STAGE
'Forget it!' IWONT
'Hairspray' mom EDNA
'Napoleon Dynamite' director Jared HESS
'No prob!' SURECAN
'Succession' network HBO
'That rules!' AWESOME
'The Godfather' author PUZO
'The Joy Luck Club' and 'White Teeth,' e.g DEBUTNOVELS
'Victory is mine!' IWIN
'___ girl!' ATTA
'___ in disguise' ('Transformers' theme song lyric) ROBOTS
'___ of Eden' EAST
1994 greatest hits album that includes 'Smooth Operator' THEBESTOFSADE
50 Down's parent ASS
Aarhus denizen DANE
Ace's low no ERA
Actor Ray's favorite cheese? ROMANO
Ally, in ironic usage by a modern socialist COMRADE
Amazing bit of luck FLUKE
Ancient adviser ORACLE
App game with matching sweets CANDYCRUSHSAGA
B on the Rosetta Stone BETA
Bacon-frying vessels PANS
Berry from a palm tree ACAI
Big city vehicles BUSES
Bill Withers hit USEME
Birds that carry letters to and from Hogwarts OWLS
Bollywood garments SARIS
Boomers at a concert? AMPS
Brief life stories? OBITS
Buddy given roles EBSEN
Business regulation BYLAW
Business with lattes CAFE
Captures NABS
Caveat ___ EMPTOR
Comics squeal EEK
D.C. pro NAT
Dark, dense wood EBONY
December choral tune NOEL
Decorative coverings RUGS
Door handle, at times? NAME
Drains SAPS
Emulates travelers on the Oregon Trail GOESWEST
Endearing, as a puppy CUTE
Entrust (to) CONSIGN
Escape ___ POD
Establish legally ENACT
Exerted pressure, as a cat would with its paws KNEADED
Fancy shindig GALA
Far from sufficient SCANT
Father time? MASS
Flow back EBB
Ford mocked by Nixon while in Peru in 1958 EDSEL
Former SNL star Hartman PHIL
Former SNL star Rachel DRATCH
Greets warmly EMBRACES
Gunslinger Earp WYATT
Hair-cutting experts ... and what's spelled out by the letters cutting this puzzle's hairdos STYLISTS
Hard to make out DIM
Heroine's actions DEEDS
Hoarse whisperer's sound? RASP
Hydrotherapy setting HOTTUB
Images of deities IDOLS
Introverted person LONER
John writing notes ELTON
Jon Arbuckle's dog ODIE
Judean Desert country ISRAEL
Kate of 'Iris' WINSLET
Clues Answers
KFC order with cabbage SLAW
Land at LaGuardia, say ARRIVE
Latvia's neighbor ESTONIA
Leaves shore SAILS
Like bases and hearts STOLEN
Like fine wines AGED
Like renowned scholars EMINENT
Like some dumplings STEAMED
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Loss of power OUTAGE
Ltr.-routing letters ATTN
Lucy of 'Elementary' LIU
Make aware APPRISE
Maki or nigiri, e.g SUSHI
Man from Quezon City FILIPINO
Many a meme GIF
Mechanic's maintenance CARCARE
Meddlesome one YENTA
Medieval Times wear ARMOR
Mocked GIBED
MSNBC journalist Ari MELBER
Needing bleeping changes, maybe PROFANE
Night school subj ESL
Nighttime reception SOIREE
Nine-digit fig SSN
Nonprofit grants, e.g FUNDS
Nuclear trial moratorium TESTBAN
Passover servings MATZOS
Pawns at a pawnshop HOCKS
Penultimate round SEMIS
Pianist's ornament TRILL
Pieces for contraltos ARIAS
Pirate ship wheel HELM
Pointed, as a pitchfork TINED
Portland locale MAINE
Post commissions OPEDS
Printer load REAM
Pro foe ANTI
Prospecting discovery ORE
Provost's colleague DEAN
Question to Brutus ETTU
React to sadness SOB
Recovers from revelry, perhaps SOBERSUP
Rowdy crowds MOBS
Sadistic sort SICKO
Scissor Sisters singer ___ Matronic ANA
Scot's swimming spots LOCHS
See 105 Down INFO
See 14 Down HAT
Series of video games where characters from Nintendo franchises fight in a battle royal SUPERSMASHBROS
Sets of integrated computer devices SYSTEMS
Shared by us OUR
Showed, as shows AIRED
Site with a Guaranteed Delivery program EBAY
Stubborn equine MULE
Suggests GETSAT
Svelte SLIM
Sweet hybrid fruit UGLI
Thespian's deliveries LINES
Think that Jimi Hendrix said ''Scuse me while I kiss this guy,' say ERR
Third word of ICU UNIT
Tissue analysis BIOPSY
Title and subject of a Ruby Blondell book, subtitled 'Beauty, Myth, Devastation' HELENOFTROY
Tornado warning, e.g ALERT
Use one's choppers BITE
Vacant gaze STARE
Vietnamese metropolis HANOI
What you do when at a loss for words? ERASE
Wicker-weaving work BASKETRY
With 68 Across, the Penguin's accessory TOP
With 94 Down, scoop INSIDE
Wrap at a pageant SASH
Young shepherd of a nursery rhyme LITTLEBOYBLUE
___ Te Ching TAO