- May 10 2020

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Clues Answers
''. . . __ a fever'' STARVE
''Hungry'' board game beast HIPPO
''I Love Lucy'' name DESI
''If only __ listened . . .'' HED
''No problema'' DENADA
''Terrif!'' NEATO
''Who am __ argue?'' ITO
''__ Miz'' LES
'80s First Son RONREAGAN
28 Across constellation LEO
61 Across setup SAUNA
Abbey resident NUN
Actress Longoria EVA
Alphabetic trio NOP
Any of the Himalayas PEAK
Architectural column PILLAR
Benevolent brothers ELKS
Boundless VAST
Boutique's daily totals SALES
Bow-shaped ARCED
Brunch fare OMELETS
Can't abide DETESTS
Car-wheels adjustment TOEIN
Certain Gulf State citizen OMANI
Come to understand GET
Come to understand SEE
Completes DOES
Consist of ARE
Cpls. and sgts NCOS
Creative success HIT
Crowdsourced review site YELP
Devious debater SOPHIST
Director David LYNCH
Earliest stage ONSET
Einstein's birthplace ULM
El Greco's birthplace CRETE
Embittered feeling IRE
Ernie of early TV KOVACS
Euro fraction CENT
Exclamation of exultation YIPPEE
False story LIE
Feline CAT
First man in space YURIGAGARIN
Foul-smelling FETID
Four Seasons leader VALLI
Frat letter TAU
Freeway mishap SMASHUP
Gear components COGS
Geographical key ISLET
Golf great Sam SNEAD
GPS reading ENE
GRE producer ETS
Great distress AGONY
Gulf War allies SAUDIS
Hair holder CLIP
Hairy Halloween costume APE
Health club SPA
Highly enlightening ANEDUCATION
Highly exacting STERN
Holding a grudge SORE
Hyphen's cousin ENDASH
Icelandic money KRONA
In the past ONCE
Intimidate, with ''out'' PSYCH
It's near Brigham City OGDEN
Clues Answers
Italian resort spot CAPRI
Lampoons and such SATIRE
Law firm work TRIALCASE
Major LP label RCA
Make a fist CLENCH
MLB southpaw LHP
Mr. Turkey TOM
Much of the Great Plains PRAIRIE
Muumuus, for instance TENTDRESSES
Negatives near Loch Ness NAES
Nickname for Sarah SADIE
NL West team ARI
Not out-of-the-ordinary ROUTINE
Oceanic low points DEPTHS
Of the kidneys RENAL
One of the Coen brothers ETHAN
One __ million INA
Orange veggie YAM
Orlando-area attraction EPCOT
P&L expert CPA
Page One 58 Across, June 1953 EVEREST
Part of the Einstein equation ENERGY
Path to a cashier AISLE
Per __ worker DIEM
Place for a Brownie's troop number SLEEVE
Places to 99 Down with bull's-eyes HELIPORTS
Planned takeoff hr ETD
Poker pair TENS
Quote from an '82 Spielberg film ETPHONEHOME
Render pulpy MASH
Rodeo accessory LASSO
Rotisserie rods SPITS
Settle accounts PAYUP
Shot in the arm HYPO
Sightseer's rental AUDIOTOUR
Slipped away from ELUDED
Soccer great Hamm MIA
Soup crockery TUREENS
Spanish article UNA
Special interest grp ASSN
Spellbound ENRAPT
Splinter groups CULTS
Spoke ill of TRASHED
Step out of line ACTUP
Suitcase attachment IDTAG
Supposed feline blessing NINELIVES
Tax-exempt bond, for short MUNI
The in-crowd ALIST
The __ Lama DALAI
Timbuktu's country MALI
Tossed fare SALAD
Touch down LAND
Trade-talks accomplishment PACT
Tried to reduce DIETED
Two-Oscar Blanchett CATE
Two-vowel sound DIPHTHONG
Unleashes anger VENTS
Urban ways AVENUES
Vehicle safety procedure CRASHTEST
Veil fabric TULLE
Victimizes, with ''on'' PREYS
When the Korean War started MCML
Where Ducks shoot pucks NHL
Wool sources LLAMAS
__ Baba ALI
__ cholesterol SERUM
__ Jeanne d'Arc STE