Wall Street Journal - May 9 2020 - As They Sigh in the Outback

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Clues Answers
#1 hit from Starship SARA
“Angela’s Ashes,” e.g MEMOIR
“Born Free” lion ELSA
“The Scottish Play” MACBETH
“___ Be” LETIT
“___ deal!” ITSA
“___ of Two Cities” ATALE
2009 Nobel laureate OBAMA
Acct. guarantor FDIC
Alan of “Crimes and Misdemeanors” ALDA
Alligator relative CAIMAN
Ambulance crew, for short EMTS
Aussie judge? TRIALBOSS
Aussie mountain guide’s preparation list? CLIMBCHECK
Aussie parent raising pigs in his house? STYATHOMEDAD
Base eight OCTAL
Basic toy train layout OVAL
Bat-producing tool LATHE
Beer from Baja California TECATE
Besides ALSO
Bibliography abbr ETSEQ
Bit of lore MYTH
Broadcast no-no DEADAIR
Bug tail? ABOO
Challenge for translation IDIOM
Charged RANAT
City in the San Joaquin Valley FRESNO
Clued in AWARE
Coats with gunk SLIMES
Columbo’s org LAPD
Containing element #53 IODIC
Control group handout, maybe PLACEBO
Conventions NORMS
Course WAY
Cyclotron bit ION
Cypress setting SWAMP
Dak. or Okla., once TERR
Donald Jr.’s mother IVANA
Dresden’s river ELBE
Duck, say REACT
Dulling drugs OPIATES
Early Ford MODELA
Engineer who introduced the term “horsepower” WATT
Euro division CENT
Explorer of TV DORA
Film snippets of an Aussie flutist? PIPERCLIPS
Forecasting tool RADAR
Formal proclamation FIAT
Fragrant evergreen FIR
Gallon divs QTS
Give a seat to ELECT
Growing number of baptisms at an Aussie church? RITEINCREASE
Hamster, perhaps PET
Heal, as bones KNIT
Heist target SAFE
Helpful book HOWTO
Hog lovers BIKERS
Infuses with bubbles AERATES
Large conduits MAINS
Largest section of a Risk board ASIA
Last word in doughnuts KREME
Like hot fudge GOOEY
Like Mork ORKAN
Like Thanksgiving, but not Easter SECULAR
Lola’s spot COPA
LPGA great Lorena OCHOA
Marbles, so to speak SANITY
Midsize Nissan ALTIMA
Mind-numbing TIRESOME
Mistreatment ABUSE
Molson product ALE
Clues Answers
Mutiny, e.g REBEL
Nonetheless, informally THO
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Objectives ENDS
One might do some banking PLANE
Opposed to, in the sticks AGIN
Organs with drums EARS
Other, in Ávila OTRA
Parting word ADIEU
Parts of hearts ATRIA
Passive force YIN
Picard’s counselor TROI
Play the siren TEMPT
Pop of rock IGGY
Pragmatic person REALIST
Prefix akin to equi- ISO
Professor’s goal TENURE
Put together COMPILE
Racket SCAM
Rafters, at times POLERS
Responded to a charge PLED
Rewrites, say ADAPTS
Rider’s handful REIN
Rush letters ASAP
Saloon storeroom sights KEGS
Salty expanse SEA
Sans ___ (peerless, in Paris) EGAL
Scratch MOOLA
Seats with kneelers PEWS
Seething ABOIL
Selassie of Ethiopia HAILE
Serengeti excursion SAFARI
Serta choice TWIN
Short gridiron gain YARD
Sigmoid arch OGEE
Sleeping like a baby OUT
Small matter ATOM
Soft mineral TALC
Some summer babies LEOS
Sound heard twice in “Aruba” SCHWA
Special effects letters CGI
Special magazine edition featuring Aussie youngsters? TYKEISSUE
Spectrum Center player HORNET
Spotted SEEN
Starring role LEAD
Steakhouse choice SIRLOIN
Stop working REST
Strongly partisan Aussie track athletes? MILECHAUVINISTS
Studio figure ARTIST
Theater legend Hagen UTA
Time piece? DAY
Tourist’s aid MAP
Tristan’s love ISOLDE
Tumble SPILL
Turned up CAME
Underlying motive AGENDA
Unflinchingly determined GRITTY
Walk heavily TROMP
Wall Street whiz ARB
Watch over POLICE
Weaken gradually ERODE
Web site? ATTIC
What an Aussie undercover cop might do while wired? MIKEACONFESSION
Winter driving hazard SLEET
Word in un dictionnaire MOT
Work over REVISE
Zealous bunch CULT
___ Work (Aussie pop group) MENAT