USA Today - Jun 16 2020

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Clues Answers
'good one' LOL
'I ___ to differ' BEG
'I'm not lonely, I'm ___ / And I'm holy by my own' (Jamila Woods) ALONE
'___ further review . . .' UPON
2018 BTS hit IDOL
46-Across spot EYE
Becomes less luminous DIMS
Bit of gossip RUMOR
Bronte character Jane EYRE
Brought through childhood RAISED
Bun eaten with chili CINNAMONROLL
Butter-making device CHURN
Checkout counter machine CASHREGISTER
Chocolate confection FUDGE
Containers of baby food JARS
Declare AVOW
Deposed leader's fate, perhaps EXILE
Dessert with a German name TORTE
Direct way to deal with something HEADON
Ducked out of sight HID
Dust-sprinkling sprites PIXIES
Earth has two POLES
Elegantly fashionable CHIC
Fastens with a knot TIES
Form of classical music SONATA
Gently taps PATS
Glider on a snowy slope SLED
Go by PASS
Graph line AXIS
Have an appointment with SEE
Having been around longer OLDER
Hits with electricity ZAPS
Icy astronomical object COMET
Irish stew veggie POTATO
Kingly name REGIS
Like Casper's complexion PALE
Like noqkwivi HOPI
Likely to cause goosebumps EERIE
Luster SHEEN
Clues Answers
Mary Birchbark, for Tantoo Cardinal ROLE
Modify accordingly ADAPT
Monarch's term REIGN
Musical success HITRECORD
Not absent HERE
Not far off CLOSE
Oblong dairy-based appetizer CHEESELOG
One looking after livestock HERDER
Optimistic feeling HOPE
Part of a list ITEM
Part of a shower wall TILE
Pedicured digit TOE
Poker payment ANTE
Polynesian carving TIKI
Program-launching picture ICON
Ransacks RAIDS
Remaining amount REST
Salary limit CAP
Sapphire's sides FACETS
Shock JOLT
Shows featuring arias OPERAS
Sliding fastener ZIPPER
Sneeze sound ACHOO
Social equal PEER
Sports venues ARENAS
Squad TEAM
Stock debut (Abbr.) IPO
Stomach woe ACHE
Swedish furniture source IKEA
Sweetie pie DEARIE
The Devil SATAN
Tidbit for a parakeet SEED
Treaties between countries PACTS
Turn over ___ leaf ANEW
Unit of farmland ACRE
Wander around ROVE
___ Chicks DIXIE
___ in the bud (stopped early on) NIPPED
___ League ARAB