USA Today - Jun 15 2020

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Clues Answers
'Becoming' author Michelle OBAMA
'Famous' cookie maker AMOS
'First Lady of Song' Fitzgerald ELLA
'Friends, ___, countrymen, lend me your ears' ('Julius Caesar' quote) ROMANS
'It's just OK' MEH
'Parks and ___' (Amy Poehler sitcom, for short) REC
'Star Trek' collective BORG
'Woe is me!' for example LAMENT
2019 FIFA Women's World Cup winners USA
A compliment might give it a boost EGO
Accessories for magicians or boxers GLOVES
Act as a go-between LIAISE
Alleviates EASES
Apple desktop computer IMAC
Arch in a garden ARBOR
Arrange by type SORT
Asks for food under the table BEGS
Attack on a fly SWAT
Basic element of knitting LOOP
Bona fide REAL
Boot reinforcement TOECAP
Chilled tomato soup GAZPACHO
Chimpanzees and orangutans APES
Click of the fingers SNAP
Clown created in 1946 BOZO
Commercials ADS
Coop occupants HENS
Coral formation REEF
Crane constructions NESTS
Delivery container CRATE
Drool catcher BIB
End-of-high-school event PROM
End-of-workweek expression TGIF
Ethiopian flag color RED
Game in which a player might ask, 'Is your person wearing a hat?' GUESSWHO
Goes fast SPEEDS
Grump CRAB
Clues Answers
Has-___ BEEN
Instrument at a John Legend concert GRANDPIANO
Is laid up in bed, maybe AILS
Letters on cartoon dynamite TNT
Like tissue paper THIN
Living ___ WAGE
Long, long time EON
Long-haired character RAPUNZEL
Moody music genre EMO
Most tired WEARIEST
Narrow valley GLEN
Nature photographer Adams ANSEL
Newspaper column OPED
Nonwireless phones LANDLINES
Not as much LESS
Not follow through FLAKE
Not succeed FAIL
Ocean landmass ISLE
Orchard harvest APPLES
Path through the woods TRAIL
Pea holders PODS
Quarterback Manning ELI
Ride a Vespa SCOOT
Scuba tank contents AIR
Something clicked open on a birthday ECARD
Sound when it's 10 below BRR
Spa sigh AAH
Swamp tree MANGROVE
The very beginning GROUNDZERO
Theater production OPERA
Theater production DRAMA
Throw in ADD
University locations CAMPUSES
Used a long-handled yard tool on RAKED
Voting group BLOC
Word before 'freeze' or 'fry' DEEP
___ and outs INS
___ Dhabi ABU
___ flour ALMOND