The Sun - Two Speed - May 4 2020

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Clues Answers
Ace puzzle brings surprise AMAZE
Adversary ENEMY
Ape or mimic IMITATE
Apprehension ANGST
Astound AMAZE
Balkan republic BULGARIA
Character is bore on the tube CALIBRE
Codger as drunk remains here! GODSACRE
Concede match AGREE
Concur AGREE
Creature in Thames possibly rook HAMSTER
Dealt with TREATED
Dealt with patiently? TREATED
Dry air circulating by delta ARID
Ex keen to engage right counsel EXHORT
Flatten LEVEL
Floor in flat LEVEL
Furious LIVID
Gangster harbours anxiety ANGST
Gastropod for solo sailor? ABALONE
Given lessons TUTORED
Goose in pub Lance cooked BARNACLE
Graveyard GODSACRE
Hard to stop service that’s long ACHE
Inattentive ABSENT
Clues Answers
Item one put in poor claret ARTICLE
Magazine feature ARTICLE
Man let out is keen LAMENT
Marine crustacean BARNACLE
Marine snail ABALONE
Notice colonist eating bun that's rich ABUNDANT
Officer gone mad in German city COLOGNE
One friend keeps it as copy IMITATE
Opponent in Yemen crushed ENEMY
Panacea ELIXIR
Parched ARID
Play a measure first DRAMA
Rude tot corrected and instructed TUTORED
Sailor posted away ABSENT
Scented toilet water COLOGNE
Slow-witted and silent DUMB
Small horse PONY
Smoke one gets initially in vehicle CIGAR
Team in anger up for good drink ELIXIR
Theatrical work DRAMA
Tobacco roll CIGAR
Unable to speak DUMB
Urge or advise EXHORT
Wheel-turning rodent HAMSTER
Wild bit in Broccoli video LIVID
Womble country? BULGARIA
£25 for this quadruped? PONY