The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 601 - Apr 27 2020

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Clues Answers
Assessment of family caught in possession THINKING
Authorisation for each assignment PERMISSION
Bird dog was so excited CURASSOW
Cattle without water NEAT
Cut up over silly repeats, shows anger EXASPERATE
Deal with nurse TREAT
Drank at spread, out of this? TANKARD
Endless chat is chap's charm TALISMAN
Exclamation of frustration, perhaps – it may follow Mamma Mia! HEREWEGOAGAIN
Fire, finally, to put down large antelope ELAND
Go crazy in retreat STAB
Hard getting over boundary fence HEDGE
In addition, luxurious hotel omitted PLUS
Clues Answers
Intellectual guys converse endlessly MENTAL
Keeps ringing up causing delays HOLDUPS
Last broadcast by popular war-time leader STALIN
Literary character, slippery by manner, and French MARYBENNET
Naively idealistic, continued eating 'right' cereal STARRYEYED
Novel set in Harlem, Manhattan EMMA
Posing on purpose for dupe SITTINGTARGET
Quiet and enthusiastic about religion SHINTO
Rum does when knocked back, so a port is required ODESSA
State taxes must be reviewed TEXAS
There's resentment after I'm taken in by a friend ACRIMONY
Vagrant worker was harassed by FBI agent SWAGMAN
VIP in recently taken snap HOTSHOT