New York Times - Jan 8 2010

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Clues Answers
'South Park' boy KENNY
'That's how it looks to me, anyway' ASFARASICANTELL
'Vamoose!' SCAT
13th-century literary classic EDDA
1950s-'60s actor known as the Switchblade Kid MINEO
1989 Radio Hall of Fame inductee IMUS
1995 thriller about identity theft THENET
Acted as an informant NARKED
Ask too much? PRY
Carriage trade ELITE
Charles IX's court poet PIERREDERONSARD
Cheat, slangily HOSE
Chevy model discontinued in 2001 LUMINA
Chocolate chip, e.g. TIDBIT
Clive Cussler best seller made into a 1980 film RAISETHETITANIC
Cricket match TEST
Crows and others AMERICANINDIANS
Daring, in a way EDGY
Deadfall, e.g. TRAP
Disembarrass RID
Docile marine mammal SEACOW
Does badly at the box office TANKS
Extreme exposure DEFENSELESSNESS
Eye shadow? SHINER
Father Time's prop SCYTHE
Follow closely STALK
French dip's dip JUS
Goya's 'La ___ Desnuda' MAJA
Hightail HASTEN
In the vicinity of NEAR
Invisible ink user SPY
Irritated reactions RASHES
Clues Answers
It may be played for money ROLE
Italian boxer Benvenuti NINO
Jack, for one ASS
John no one knows DOE
King defeated at Châlons ATTILA
Like some glasswork ETCHED
Mason's assistant STREET
Member of Sauron's army ORC
Miss ___ USA
Monk's first name on 'Monk' ADRIAN
Muddies up ROILS
Night light used by Sherlock Holmes BULLSEYELANTERN
Not just nibble GNAW
Not just nudge NAG
Note traded for bills IOU
Org. that awaits your return IRS
Plame affair org. CIA
Practice overseers: Abbr. AMA
Prompter action CUE
Put in one's ___ (interfere) OAR
Repeat offenders? CADS
Sarcastic reply IBET
Speedy Gonzales cry ANDALE
Stir to action AROUSE
Stopped flowing RANDRY
Therapist's comment ISEE
Things used during crunch time? ABS
Thorn, once LETTER
Unsuitable for mixed company COARSE
Weak heart, for example? THREE
White robe wearers ANGELS
Words that affect one's standing? ATEASE
___ Ball, quinquennial dance in Harry Potter YULE