USA Today - Jun 10 2020

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Clues Answers
'Foxy Brown' hairstyle AFRO
'I'd advise against it!' BADIDEA
'Long live' translation VIVA
'Moonstruck' star CHER
'Such awful news!' OHNO
'That Don't Impress Me Much' singer Shania TWAIN
'You can't handle the truth!' movie AFEWGOODMEN
'___ of Avalor' ELENA
A long time ___ AGO
Ancient OLD
Ancient Cuzco dweller INCA
Arrange systematically SORT
Bagel shop appliance OVEN
Bible garden EDEN
Calf-length skirts MIDIS
Childcare worker NANNY
Chocolaty coffee order MOCHA
Colorado River tributary GILA
Continent where Buddhism originated ASIA
Copier's paper holders TRAYS
CPR performer, perhaps EMT
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Dublin's country IRELAND
Element after fluorine NEON
Ella Fitzgerald singing style SCAT
For instance SAY
French luxury brand DIOR
Give the cold shoulder SNUB
Glaswegian, e.g SCOT
Horned ungulate on safaris RHINO
Image representing an app ICON
In need of a massage, perhaps SORE
Inner layer of a coat LINING
Joint used for squatting KNEE
Like a brilliant-cut diamond MANYFACETED
Like a team that loses in the first round ONEANDDONE
Mail away SEND
Messes up ERRS
Clues Answers
Minor criticisms NITS
Misdeeds SINS
Mosquito net material MESH
Most populated city in the world TOKYO
Multi-speaker system STEREO
Name that's an alphabet sequence STU
October gems OPALS
On the up and up LEGIT
Org. that developed the space blanket NASA
Palindromic verb SEES
Poetry showdown SLAM
Relative of 'BAM!' POW
Relinquish WAIVE
Repair shop fig EST
Rock genre EMO
Route through woods PATH
Scary creature in some fairy tales OGRE
Slopeside shelter CHALET
Slopeside shelter SKILODGE
Small keyboard TOYPIANO
Starting on ASOF
State east of Indiana OHIO
Stink to high heaven REEK
Strong and thick STOUT
Summer zodiac sign LEO
Timely blessing BOON
Title fish in a 2003 animated movie NEMO
Top squads ATEAMS
Totally ready ALLSETTOGO
Track contests MEETS
Trend FAD
TV host Katie who set a donut-stacking world record NOLAN
Units of data storage BYTES
Word after 'Hampton' or 'Holiday' INN
Worshipping from ___ AFAR
Young ___ novels ADULT
___ ghanoush BABA
___ salt EPSOM