USA Today - Jun 5 2020

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Clues Answers
'An ally has been ___' (bad news in League of Legends) SLAIN
'Brokeback Mountain' director Lee ANG
Absolutely stun FLABBERGAST
Aromatherapy substances OILS
Attempt STAB
Baked in a kiln FIRED
Bar announcement LASTCALL
Big tub VAT
Bread eaten with baba ghanoush PITA
Calligraphy utensils PENS
Cap holder HATRACK
Chana ___ DAL
Character journey ARC
Chiding syllable TSK
Clothesline fastener PEG
Con's opposite PRO
Currency of America (Abbr.) USD
Currency of Iran RIAL
Dedicated poems ODES
Dominican dance BACHATA
Dried grass HAY
Fe, on the periodic table IRON
Film that might feature UFOs SCIFIMOVIE
Fried brunch order FRENCHTOAST
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Go closer to the ground GETLOW
Goal for an assistant professor TENURE
Greeting preceding 'Que tal' HOLA
Grow up MATURE
Halloween animal BAT
Have ___ of problems (be issue-ridden) AHOST
Henna, e.g DYE
Herb common in Thai food BASIL
Instagram's most-followed cosmetics brand in 2019 MAC
Jam container JAR
Knight's title SIR
Knitting supplies YARNS
Like cyanide TOXIC
Clues Answers
Like the University of Notre Dame CATHOLIC
Mauna ___ KEA
Mind-numbing TEDIOUS
Not very often RARELY
Nursing ___ BRA
Off-roading vehicle, for short ATV
Olympic champion Yamaguchi KRISTI
Palindromic math class STATS
Palpitate THROB
Passed-down symbol FAMILYCREST
Picnic invader ANT
Places to mow LAWNS
Player near the boundary in cricket OUTFIELDER
Poet Armantrout RAE
PreCheck org TSA
Prefix for 'active' or 'grade' RETRO
Put in effort TRY
Rambled, perhaps RANON
Religious title, for short REV
Restaurant offering TAKEOUT
Run-___, first hip-hop group with a gold record DMC
Scheduled SLATED
Shortening product CRISCO
Successors HEIRS
Suggestion from a transit app (Abbr.) RTE
Talked back to SASSED
They might be braided for a flower crown STEMS
Time to reap what's been sown FALLHARVEST
Title for a checklist TODO
Title role for Denzel Washington ELI
Two make eight FOURS
Uses a turntable, maybe DJS
Using VIA
Word after 'wrist' or 'slap' in hockey SHOT
Wrapped garment SHAWL
Young's partner in accounting ERNST
___ and Ani (jewelry brand) ALEX
___ de parfum EAU