USA Today - Jun 2 2020

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Clues Answers
'Adventures in Wonderland' character MADHATTER
'If all ___ fails . . .' ELSE
'Nope' NAH
'There's more where that ___ from' CAME
Alison who wrote 'Dining In' and 'Nothing Fancy' ROMAN
Anagram of 'Monday' DYNAMO
App interruptions ADS
Bit of folklore TALE
Bit of sports trivia STAT
Breakfast sandwich base BAGEL
Business VIP CEO
Commuter's expense FARE
Direct-selling cosmetics company AVON
Divvy up ALLOT
Don't disturb LETBE
Dyson alternative ORECK
Elaborate ruse HOAX
Emperor associated with the expression 'fiddling while Rome NERO
Family KIN
Family member NEPHEW
Flying mammal BAT
Fraction of a min SEC
Gallery stuff ART
High-arcing tennis shot LOB
Historical periods ERAS
Huge amount TON
Janelle James, for one COMIC
Jello shaper MOLD
Justification REASON
Liberty Island attraction STATUE
Luau instruments, for short UKES
Lubricated, perhaps OILED
Made mistakes ERRED
Make revisions to EDIT
Many characters in 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' TEENS
Metered vehicles TAXIS
Mouth off to SASS
Munched on ATE
Clues Answers
Non-earthlings (Abbr.) ETS
Not doing anything IDLE
One hundred, in Spanish CIEN
Out of ___ (somewhat unwell) SORTS
Palm fruit DATE
Performed a role ACTED
Period of sacrifice prior to Easter LENT
Pick up the tab TREAT
Playwright Simon NEIL
Poisonous substance TOXIN
Port-au-Prince's nation HAITI
Praiseful poem ODE
Puts on a pedestal EXALTS
Really bad AWFUL
Really dislike DETEST
Region AREA
Removes from power OUSTS
Rowing teams CREWS
Sandpaper coating GRIT
Show flexibility BEND
Small bits of paint DABS
Smokehouse offerings HAMS
Sound in a chase scene, perhaps SIREN
Speak formally ORATE
Take it one day ___ time ATA
The ___ journey HEROS
Thing of no value WHITEELEPHANT
Thing of value ASSET
Tremble SHAKE
Unseals OPENS
Uttar Pradesh neighbor DELHI
Very uncommon RARE
Volcanic outflow LAVA
Vote held by one of 50 STATEELECTION
Well-prepared READY
Wheel connector AXLE
Word before 'service' or 'reading' LIP
Yearly form-filing period TAXSEASON
___ toe boot MOC