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Clues Answers
"Aw, rats!" DARN
"Fiddler on the Roof" matchmaker YENTE
"Jane Eyre" novelist [North Carolina] CHARLOTTEBRONTE
"Keep it in" STET
"National Velvet" novelist [Oklahoma] ENIDBAGNOLD
"Old man" DAD
"The Circle" actress Watson EMMA
"The joke's —!" ONYOU
"The Liberty Bell" march composer SOUSA
"Today" co-anchor [Georgia] SAVANNAHGUTHRIE
"Weeds" actress [New Jersey] ELIZABETHPERKINS
"Weekend Edition" network NPR
"Woe Is I" author Patricia T. — OCONNER
"Ye olde" place TOWNE
"Zip it up!" SHH
$$$ holder ATM
Abel's mom EVE
Abstainers from alcohol DRYS
Abu — (emirate) DHABI
Acting Ward SELA
Actress Miller ANN
Alfred Lunt's comedy partner [Massachusetts] LYNNFONTANNE
Antiquated anesthetic ETHER
Arab nation OMAN
Authorize to LET
Auto dings DENTS
Birthstone after opal TOPAZ
Birthstone after ruby PERIDOT
Brand of hair remover NAIR
Broadcast AIR
Caddy drink TEA
Calm down ABATE
Clamor NOISE
Cobbling tool AWL
Comic Carrey JIM
Cosmetics company founder [Montana] HELENARUBINSTEIN
Counterparts of egos IDS
Cutely shy COY
Decade units YEARS
Deep musing REVERIE
Delay LAG
Delicate pancake CREPE
Donation GIFT
Druggist's weight unit DRAM
Enjoys some 1940s jazz BOPS
Enkindled LIT
ER skill CPR
Fido's jingler IDTAG
Filled pasta squares RAVIOLI
French for "here" ICI
From Tehran IRANI
Go bad ROT
Golf course units: Abbr YDS
Good friends PALS
Grafton's "— for Outlaw" OIS
Greek society FRAT
Having been banished INEXILE
Healing plant ALOE
Hefty Cinch — SAK
Higher UPPER
Iceberg part TIP
Indian dress SARI
Informed of ONTO
Irritated RILED
June hrs DST
Kenan's sitcom buddy KEL
LAPD alert APB
Large or medium SIZE
Last line on an invoice TOTALDUE
Clues Answers
LAX stats ETAS
Mag heads EDS
Mil. award DSM
Motorola competitor NOKIA
Mysterious letters RUNES
Natal lead-in NEO
Navy off ENS
Niche sects CULTS
Night demon INCUBUS
Northwestern Pacific fish ALASKACOD
Old Saturn SUVs VUES
Overused TRITE
Paris-based cultural gp UNESCO
Part of A.D ANNO
Part of FDA: Abbr ADMIN
Passionate ZEALOUS
Passionate ARDENT
Plaintiff SUER
Poem type ODE
Poker champ Ungar STU
Pol. wild card IND
Pong creator ATARI
Price ceiling RATECAP
Pro — TEM
Quarterback Brady TOM
Racket grip enhancer TAPE
Regret RUE
Retort to "Am not!" ARESO
Rock's Brian ENO
Romance novelist Banks LEANNE
Run-down 73-Down FLEABAG
Runner-up of tennis' 201 MADISONKEYS
Saturate SOP
Sedentary INACTIVE
See 31-Down LIMB
Send out EMIT
Set of seven HEPTAD
Shady public walk ALAMEDA
Sheeplike OVINE
Shortstop Ripken CAL
Similar to ALA
Singer Seeger PETE
Slope on which a vessel is built SHIPWAY
Sorority letters NUS
Spicy cuisine THAI
Spider web, at times SNARER
Star of the reality show subtitled "Life's a Tripp" [Connecticut] BRISTOLPALIN
State of a surviving wife WIDOWHOOD
Stay in line OBEY
Stay-the-night sites INNS
Stravinsky and Sikorsky IGORS
Stun with a charge TASE
Suffix with social ITE
Superbly done tasks TOPJOBS
Syr. neighbor ISR
Take in EAT
Take in SEE
That lad's HIS
The Ritz, e.g HOTEL
Toronto-based gridiron org CFL
Toto's owner DOROTHY
Tube spot TVAD
Unimportant person NOBODY
Ursuline, e.g NUN
Utah city near Provo LEHI
Washington subway system, familiarly DCMETRO
Wispy THIN
With 25-Down, perch for a nest TREE
Writer Stout REX
— -ski bar APRES
— for tat TIT
— Plaines DES
— weevil BOLL