The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,420 - Apr 16 2020

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Clues Answers
'Honestly, no energy' is start of matrimonial platitude TRUISM
... could be used for this English forest following another tree FIREWOOD
A cricket team succeeded in alliance AXIS
A surge up occasionally tracks forecast AUGURY
Archdeacon always in disguise VENEER
Baffled cast THROWN
Beginning of jarring in car manufacturer's inlets FJORDS
Bet on passion in rebound BACKFIRE
Bill right to seek answer: where does Lincoln makes the laws? NEBRASKA
Breakdown service returns cards and takes over vehicle CARJACKS
Eggs containing key salad ingredient ROMAINE
Enormous omissions in short final letter OUTSIZED
Facility is seen as strange EASINESS
Father sent back by himself? That's obvious APPARENT
Film buff is at a broadcast FANTASIA
Great heat and light rain making month squally at first SIZZLE
Clues Answers
Group of students getting new education sighed YEARNED
Hunt, at heart absolutely not fair UNJUST
It's mad, mad, in 'The Thick of It' AMIDST
Leave quietly, no time for pleasantry QUIP
Look to cover English races in paper GAZETTE
Male after one-fifth off fast food QUICHE
Mechanical repetition featured in rhetorician's retreat ROTE
One leading the way announced bird's decline COXSWAIN
Paying a call is involved in proposing a meeting not at home VISITING
Runners smooch when son moves into the lead SKIS
Rural peer, randy on vacation COUNTRY
Shelters including free weapons TRIDENTS
Stain Antony twice discovered under the table BLOTTO
Throw out bread that's hard OBDURATE
Trees, possibly sacred ... CEDARS
Turn left following cycling partners SWIVEL