- Apr 16 2020

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Clues Answers
''Ain't happening!'' NOWAY
''Am not!'' comeback ARESO
''Mein Gott!'' ACH
''Pay attention!'' HEY
''That's incredible!'' OHWOW
''Uh-uh'' NAH
16 Across' show CBSEVENINGNEWS
16 Across' sign-off line THATSTHEWAYITIS
Action film staple CHASE
Bloke CHAP
Brandy designation VSO
Business card abbr TEL
Cameo stone ONYX
Certain cash box: Abbr ATM
Certain Japanese OKINAWAN
Chihuahua cheer OLE
City south of West Palm BOCA
Claudius successor NERO
Collages, for instance ART
Confidential talk TETEATETE
Cpl. for instance NCO
Dame Diana of ''Game of Thrones'' RIGG
Diminutive dog category TOY
Elemenrary particle QUARK
Exodus spokesman AARON
Feathery scarf BOA
Fenway Park shout GOSOX
Flapjack franchise IHOP
Florentine farewell CIAO
Grp. in charge MGMT
Half of some matched sets HERS
Holder for beer or beans CAN
Home of Odysseus ITHACA
HS department SCI
Iconic anchor, debuting April 16, 1962 WALTERCRONKITE
Idle talk SCHMOOZE
Impressively, surprisingly NOLESS
Insincere yuk HAR
Clues Answers
It's easy, it's said ABC
Jai alai basket CESTA
Jargon-word ender ESE
Maine resort BARHARBOR
Mambo's close kin CHACHACHA
Match-ending blow KAYO
Measuring stick RULER
Medium for some crossings OCEAN
Nevada city ELKO
Notation to pause COMMA
Org. concerned with 61 Across NASA
Part of a day HOUR
Pigeon sound COO
Place for pinsetters ALLEY
Prepare to exercise WARMUP
Rapper's retinue POSSE
RSVP receivers HOSTS
Rudely quick ABRUPT
Rumor spreader YENTA
Sailor's assent AYEAYESIR
Sewed edge HEM
Smooth in manners SLICK
Source for many units of physics EPONYM
Starter like iso- EQUI
Successful jokester RIOT
Trap due to frost ICEIN
Trawler's equipment NETS
Unsurpassable TOPS
Vamooses GITS
Vegan staple SOY
Veggie in gumbo OKRA
Wall St. opening IPO
Weapon in a silo ICBM
Weightless state, for short ZEROG
Win in, on Election Day CARRY
Wombat cousin KOALA
Word that often precedes ''hot'' PIPING
Yang counterpart YIN