The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1593

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Clues Answers
Allure of Italy maybe under Mussolini, no saint? FASCINATION
Be biased against women perhaps not having sons EXIST
Beginning to distil drink in northern valley DALE
Captain needing to miss Peru, having no uniform SKIPPER
Clear identification needed to enter race EVIDENT
Clothing stylist perhaps bucks including symbol DESIGNER
Comedy sketch about queen’s dress SKIRT
Dark-haired animal getting outside trap BRUNETTE
Destroy; animation; strike; hurry, primarily DASH
Expertness of second murder SKILL
Former old king’s minister PASTOR
Gratuitous point, empty semantics NEEDLESS
Clues Answers
I’m a nice cad, a perverted RA member, perhaps ACADEMICIAN
Marshy area includes river plant FERN
One new place for decorative work INLAY
Partly hide Bristol’s scattered rubbish DEBRIS
Phone to hire out small band RINGLET
Protect lady suffering old reptile PTERODACTYL
Sort found in sleepy towns all over TYPE
Street urchin to start to go out with bird GUTTERSNIPE
Sudden move to the centre in close-pressed crowd losing its head INRUSH
Unfortunately plainer chocolate filling PRALINE
Use polymer endlessly for remoulding EMPLOY
Where a control tower might be in broadcast range AIRFIELD