L.A. Times Daily - Dec 31 2009

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Clues Answers
"Friends" friend PHOEBE
"I do not like them, __": Seuss line SAMIAM
"Jerry Maguire" catchphrase SHOWMETHEMONEY
"Waiting for Lefty" playwright ODETS
"__ Irish Rose" ABIES
"__, Therefore I Am": Dennis Miller book IRANT
Anatomical rings AREOLAE
Apartment manager, for short SUPE
Balancing experts, briefly? CPAS
Beach toy KITE
Brother of Abel SETH
Bygone dagger SNEE
Cat's passion JAZZ
Checked out before a heist CASED
Circle Line : Hudson :: Bateaux-Mouches : __ SEINE
Climbing legume VETCH
Common prayer opening OGOD
Derived from observation EMPIRIC
Friend of Pete and Julie on "The Mod Squad" LINC
Having a lot to lose, maybe? OBESE
Hypotheticals WHATIFS
Impossible to get close to COLDASICE
Indiana and Purdue, e.g. RIVALS
Island in the Java Sea BALI
Knot over RETIE
Legal orders WRITS
Lifetime-guaranteed lighters ZIPPOS
Like "Lawrence of Arabia" EPIC
Medicinal plant ALOEVERA
Mme. in Madrid SRA
Model railroad scale OGAUGE
Moo goo __ pan GAI
Narnia lion ASLAN
Nincompoop IDIOT
Nonexpert LAY
Clues Answers
Norwegian marathoner Waitz GRETE
One-eighty UEY
One-named New Age singer ENYA
Out of balance ALOP
Oven cleaner component LYE
Part of EEC: Abbr. EUR
Pendulum sound TOCK
Personal: Pref. IDIO
Radar image BLIP
Rat tail? ATAT
Right-click result, often POPUPMENU
Scrabble 10-pointer ZTILE
Semi-soft Italian cheese BELPAESE
Send, so to speak ELATE
Sluglike "Star Wars" crime lord JABBA
Smart guy? ALEC
Soft drink choice DIETCOKE
Some glee club members ALTI
Sound from someone who's down SOB
Spitting __ IMAGE
Spread for growth SOW
Stir-fry cookware WOKS
Strike out DELETE
Supermarket chain founded in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. IGA
Tithe portions TENTHS
To go, in Grenoble ALLER
Valley DELL
Vedic drink for an immortal soul SOMA
Verb associated with the beginnings of 18-, 26-, 43- and 57-Across CATCH
Wall St. enforcer SEC
Wooden shoe SABOT
[thus] SIC
__ Fáil: Irish coronation stone LIA
__-deucy ACEY