Universal - Apr 15 2020

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Clues Answers
"Bang" or "boing" SOUND
"Frozen 2" snowman OLAF
"Not guilty" or "no contest" PLEA
"Same here" ASAMI
"Tainted Love" band (1 to 5) SOFTCELL
"You're it!" game TAG
"___ Just Not That Into You" HES
"___ Miserables" LES
Attempts, with "at" HASAGO
Bit for a horse? OAT
Bolt who bolts USAIN
Borscht need BEET
Building add-on ANNEX
California wine country NAPA
Cheeky comments SASS
Conan who's not a barbarian OBRIEN
Contend VIE
Created MADE
Decorate ADORN
Degree for an exec MBA
Down in the dumps SAD
Entertain AMUSE
Entice TEMPT
Excessive forms and such REDTAPE
Fond place in the heart, figuratively WARMSPOT
Food you might eat on a Tuesday TACO
Former Russian ruler TSAR
Fort Knox has gold ones BARS
From around here LOCAL
Hagar the Horrible's wife HELGA
Homer's neighbor NED
Like every prime except two ODD
Like the name Matt, for a yogi APT
Like the serpent in 65-Across EVIL
List-ending abbr ETC
Loads and loads ALOT
Luthor in "Superman" LEX
Maker of detergent PODS TIDE
Clues Answers
Messes up ERRS
Name within "Valentina" LEN
No longer moving STALLED
Not mono, perhaps STEREO
Not out and about INSIDE
Org. for rocket scientists NASA
Palindromic explosive TNT
Plastic weapon in Clue ROPE
Prepared for knighthood KNELT
Puerto ___ (resident of San Juan, e.g.) RICAN
Purple candy's flavor, often GRAPE
Resident of the Hamptons, e.g. (see letters 1 to 5) LONGISLANDER
Revise, as text EDIT
Rickman who played Snape ALAN
Ripped TORE
Rogen or Meyers SETH
Sailboat poles MASTS
Sample TASTE
Sleeping bag cover? TENT
Small bills ONES
Snowballs, in a snowball fight AMMO
Standards of perfection IDEALS
Start the pot ANTE
Strong wind GALE
Stud poker? NAIL
Swell up BLOAT
Temporarily in the possession of ONLOANTO
They made Pinocchio's nose grow LIES
Tough ball for a shortstop to field (1 to 5) HARDGROUNDER
Turn left, say STEER
Uncommon precious stone RAREGEM
Unfortunate part of a stick (1 to 6) SHORTEND
Unfreeze THAW
Vault's place BANK
Was the leader of HEADED
What an Impossible Burger eschews MEAT
Where Adam met Eve EDEN
Yearly book of facts ALMANAC
___ Grey EARL