The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8253

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Clues Answers
Accumulation of work BACKLOG
Aromatic shrub LAVENDER
Assistant, follower ACOLYTE
Bequest LEGACY
Bird; silly person LOON
Curving inwards CONCAVE
Endless film strip LOOP
Example to follow role model
Extrajudicial killers lynch mob
Female deer DOE
Female ruler EMPRESS
Involving two parties BILATERAL
Japanese city OSAKA
Clues Answers
Narrow channel; fielding position GULLY
Non-professionals LAYMEN
One going to law LITIGANT
Pick-me-up TONIC
Piece of cut wood LOG
Quantity of bread LOAF
Reasoned thinker LOGICIAN
Scots girl LASSIE
Second-mentioned; recent LATTER
Smallest in amount LEAST
Stringed instrument LUTE
Traditional story LEGEND