The Washington Post - Apr 14 2020

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Clues Answers
'Ben-__' HUR
'So I was wrong!' SUEME
'Stop stalling!' DOIT
'Twittering Machine' artist Paul KLEE
'__ out below!' LOOK
'__ who?' SEZ
*Badgers' school WISCONSIN
*Longtime Nabisco cookie FIGNEWTON
*One on a 'Most Wanted' list PUBLICENEMY
*Outback choice named for a bone RIBEYESTEAK
*Pour on the criticism DISHITOUT
Actress Hatcher TERI
Ahead of schedule EARLY
Angry, with 'off' TEED
Animation frame CEL
Anthem contraction OER
Archipelago part ISLET
Banned pesticide DDT
Beatty/Hoffman flop ISHTAR
Big name in garden products ORTHO
Bills with Hamilton TENS
Bottleneck consequence TIEUP
Boxers and pugs DOGS
Bridge SPAN
Britney Spears' 'Oops!...__ It Again' IDID
Bullish sound? SNORT
California's Big __ SUR
Cut out OMIT
Do sum work ADD
Erie or Huron LAKE
Flood barrier DIKE
Forest female DOE
French friends AMIS
Go-between ... and a hint to each set of circles MIDDLEMAN
Halved INTWO
Hit the slopes SKI
Hombre's house CASA
Knish seller DELI
Clues Answers
Least speedy POKIEST
Like pre-revolution Russia TSARIST
Little nails BRADS
Long shots, in hoops lingo TREYS
Many a phone message nowadays TEXT
MD you don't need an appointment to see ERDOC
Minty Derby drink JULEP
Monopoly token replaced by a cat IRON
Museum escort GUIDE
N.J. army base FTDIX
New car's bells and whistles, say OPTIONS
Note above F GFLAT
NYC's Park, e.g AVE
Overacts EMOTES
Palm starch SAGO
Phishing line? EMAIL
Pisa place ITALY
Practice in USA's 'Suits' LAW
Prepared to propose KNEELED
Roger who wrote 'Your Movie Sucks' EBERT
Roman robes TOGAS
Ryan Howard portrayer on 'The Office' BJNOVAK
Santa __ Valley: Cal. wine region YNEZ
Secured with a bowline, say KNOTTED
Sheds many tears SOBS
Speechify ORATE
Spoiler RUINER
Start of a Shakespearean title ALLS
Textbook section UNIT
Totally lost ATSEA
Trio in Fiji? DOTS
Unflappable STOIC
Up the __: raise the stakes ANTE
Verdi opera based on a Shakespearean play OTELLO
Wafer named for its flavor NILLA
What Santa's making and double-checking, in song LIST
__ Aviv TEL
__ Romeo: sports car ALFA