Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 14 2020

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Clues Answers
''Hope is the thing with ...'' (Emily Dickinson) FEATHERS
A mixture of liquid substances is the answer SOLUTION
Blocked, closed off OCCLUDED
Brags, blows BOASTS
Closer at hand NEARER
Craft or container VESSEL
Dealer in socks and stockings HOSIER
Delays or postpones SUSPENDS
Displaying courage BRAVE
Drama set to music OPERA
Electronic medium of communication RADIO
Formal assurance GUARANTEE
Going on board EMBARKING
Greek god of the west wind ZEPHYR
Grey-barked tree ASH
Hawaiian garland of flowers LEI
Low in price CHEAP
Male ducks DRAKES
Clues Answers
Pay for someone else's enjoyment TREAT
Period, age ERA
Periodical and arms store MAGAZINE
Person who examines the condition of land and buildings SURVEYOR
Remove forcibly from power OVERTHROW
Reply, rejoinder RESPONSE
Respond to something done or said REACT
Scattered pieces of rubble DEBRIS
Segment of the spine VERTEBRA
Separate into parts DIVIDE
Small carnivorous mammal of the weasel family STOAT
Small mouse-like animals SHREWS
Small sharp bite NIP
Step down from a job RESIGN
Supple and flexible LITHE
Unbroken series, of luck say STREAK
White herons EGRETS