L.A. Times Daily - Apr 13 2020

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Clues Answers
"Jeopardy!" first name ALEX
"When is a door not a door?," e.g RIDDLE
A bit, in music POCO
A few SOME
About-faces UTURNS
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Adjusts, as a hem RESEWS
Aftershock TREMOR
All tangled up INASNARL
Anonymous John DOE
Apple mobile platform IOS
Apple tablet IPAD
Bad picnic omen ANT
Bad result for a QB INT
Before, old-style ERE
Bout enders, briefly TKOS
Branch ARM
Carpentry tools SAWS
Central idea CRUX
Collection of beehives APIARY
College maj. for a future therapist PSY
Colorful Top 10 Beatles hit YELLOWSUBMARINE
Colorful Top 10 Lemon Pipers hit GREENTAMBOURINE
Colorful Top 10 Prince hit PURPLERAIN
Colorful Top 10 Rolling Stones hit BROWNSUGAR
Colorful Top 10 Santana hit BLACKMAGICWOMAN
Concrete section SLAB
Corned beef on __ RYE
Cultural Revolution chairman MAO
Czech Republic capital PRAGUE
Delhi dress SARI
Diet-friendly NOCAL
Dirt road irregularities BUMPS
Do recon at, as an enemy camp SCOUTOUT
Dutch floral export TULIPS
Dwell constantly (on) OBSESS
Encircle with a belt GIRD
English county on the North Sea ESSEX
Clues Answers
Five Nations tribe SENECA
GPS suggestions RTES
Granola kernel OAT
Gravy, on menus JUS
Guy's name spelled with an alphabet sequence STU
Hamm's "Mad Men" role DRAPER
Home Depot purchase TOOL
Home of MLB's Cardinals STL
Huffed and puffed BLEW
Kramden laugh syllable HAR
Length times width, for a rectangle AREA
Lights-out music TAPS
Literary wrap-up EPILOG
Lively, in music ANIMATO
Moon lander, for short LEM
Munchies, in adspeak SNAX
Note after fa SOL
Novak Djokovic's org ATP
O'Grady of "NYPD Blue" GAIL
Open, as a present UNWRAP
Pack very tightly JAMIN
Part of un drame ACTE
Petrol pumper BRIT
Phillies' div NLE
Portable HP, say LAPTOP
PX patrons GIS
Rain-__ gum BLO
Sea eagle ERNE
Search for water DOWSE
Shot of liquor JIGGER
Time gone by PAST
Treasure container CHEST
Trick taker, usually ACE
Vienna's land: Abbr AUS
Wedding VIPs with playlists DJS
__ avis RARA
__ of Liberty STATUE