The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 209

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Clues Answers
“American literature has always been ____” (Salman Rushdie) IMMIGRANT
“It follows […] that the best men must ____ with the best women in as many cases as possible and the worst with the worst in the fewest.” (Plato) COHABIT
“On some ____ esteem is based” (Moliere) PREFERENCE
1932 film which won an Oscar for best film, its only nomination Grand Hotel
1973 Jackson 5 album, the first to feature all five brothers on lead vocals get it together
1991 album by Chris Rea AUBERGE
A duty or responsibility ONUS
A large oven tray dripping pan
A significant sum is nothing to ____ sniff at
A wind of force 12 on the original Beaufort scale HURRICANE
According to a supplier’s website, ____ bring the magic of the stage even closer to you opera glasses
Actor who played Starsky in Starsky & Hutch Paul Michael Glaser
After Izmir, the second-largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast ANTALYA
An expression of incredulity as if
Baked in a pastry wrapping en croute
Barren non-fertile
Bird to which adjective “corvine” applies CROW
British equestrian who won the Badminton Horse Trials a record six times Lucinda Green
British rower, current coxless pairs Olympic champion with partner Helen Glower Heather Stanning
Character played by Antonio Fargas in Starsky & Hutch Huggy Bear
Circuit at which Nigel Mansell had his first Formula One Grand Prix win Brands Hatch
Colourless orange-flavoured liqueur, produced in France COINTREAU
Device which produces pinhole images camera obscura
Forty Years On (1968) was the first play by ____ Alan Bennett
Clues Answers
Host of Mock the Week since 2005 Dara O Briain
If you ____ in a role, it may not have been part of a plan end up
If your usual cook has gone out for the evening, you might ____ a takeaway pizza put in an order for
Image filename extension first used in 1986 TIF
In jousting, a lance charge against an opponent TILT
Irish jockey who won the Grand National on Papillon and Hedgehunter Ruby Walsh
Item of ballet attire named after a French childish word for “bottom” TUTU
J Robert ____ was the first director of the Los Alamos Laboratory where atomic bombs were developed OPPENHEIMER
Lack of care or wisdom IMPRUDENCE
Machine used to make the male part of a common wood joint TENONER
Michael ____ won the Formula One World Championship seven times SCHUMACHER
North American lager with fractional freezing in its production process ice beer
One with a reputation for being unscrupulous a bad lot
Opened the mouth wide GAPED
Part of a cereal plant which stores seeds EAR
Phrase reflecting UK pop culture of the 1990s Cool Britannia
Stand-up comedian whose autobiography Straight Outta Crawley was published in 2018 Romesh Ranganathan
Star Wars character originally voiced by Frank Oz YODA
The capital of Madeira FUNCHAL
The first line of Moby-Dick Call me Ishmael
The lowest social stratum in a community UNDERCLASS
The postal service, as opposed to electronic communication snail mail
The title of a newspaper or magazine as it appears in print MASTHEAD
This film inspired the TV series Dixon of Dock Green The Blue Lamp