Universal - Apr 10 2020

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Clues Answers
"13th" institution, informally SLAMMER
"25" singer ADELE
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" network NBC
"Casablanca" actor Peter LORRE
"Now, just a minute!" SEEHERE
"Once ___ a time ..." UPON
"Take a Chance on Me" group ABBA
"___ de Lune" CLAIR
*Common military uniform color (3 to 7) OLIVEDRAB
*Speedy drop at an air show (see letters 4 to 8) POWERDIVE
*Unfortunate one (4 to 8) POORDEVIL
Animal in the New Testament? NEWT
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Artist Chagall MARC
At an end OVER
Bayer product ASPIRIN
Bleeds in the wash RUNS
Bolivian capital SUCRE
Byron contemporary KEATS
City northwest of Cheyenne CASPER
Contributes ADDSIN
Crumple (up) WAD
Doe or buck DEER
Drop the ___ (confess deep affection) LBOMB
Elaine of "Seinfeld" BENES
Emmanuel of France MACRON
Fabled race loser HARE
Fantasized DREAMED
Feeling of guilt REMORSE
Fencing form EPEE
Forestland unit ACRE
Forfeited auto REPO
Garr or Hatcher TERI
Gives a thumbs-up OKS
Have to have NEED
Historical Rosa PARKS
In the past AGO
Issue forth EMIT
Clues Answers
It becomes another instrument when "F" is added LUTE
Krabappel of "The Simpsons" EDNA
Leaves out OMITS
Loafing individual IDLER
Louise's friend in a 1991 film THELMA
Made a fast stop? ATE
Muscular, slangily BUILT
Neptune, to Greeks POSEIDON
New York native ERIE
North Dakota's "Magic City" MINOT
One might hang ten SURFER
Parkinson's treatment LDOPA
PBS supporter NEA
Pie chart dividers RADII
Quail group BEVY
Real doozy BEAUT
Relieves EASES
Secretively ONTHESLY
See 13-Down TREK
Skipper's "Stop!" AVAST
Skylit courts ATRIA
Slushy treat ICEE
Soft ball maker NERF
Spanish speaker's "Enough!" NOMAS
Star that anagrams to "liger" RIGEL
Stereotypical egghead NERD
String quartet member VIOLIST
Theoretical spacecraft system, and a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters WARPDRIVE
Treasure map measure PACE
Tune for two DUET
Unwelcome cry at a china shop OOPS
What Aladdin rubbed LAMP
Windsor, for one CASTLE
With 49-Down, classic sci-fi show featuring 57-Across STAR
Within walking distance CLOSE
Word before "sports" or "weather" EXTREME
Yahtzee equipment DICE
___ & Young ERNST