USA Today - May 29 2020

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Clues Answers
'Buenos ___' DIAS
'Exit full screen' key ESC
'L'shanah ___' (Rosh Hashanah greeting) TOVAH
'See ya!' TATA
'Yup, understood!' GOTCHA
'___ Met Your Mother' HOWI
Accutane target ACNE
Alternative to raiding the mini-fridge HOTELBAR
Architect Maya LIN
Barista's talent LATTEART
Basketball hoop attachment NET
Be effusive with affection DOTE
Bit of info that may follow 'omw' ETA
Brownie recipe verb BAKE
Calls before a court ARRAIGNS
Calming advice from 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' DONTPANIC
Chilly temps TEENS
Chimney residue SOOT
Color akin to auburn RUSSET
Competitor's best effort AGAME
Concert venue ARENA
Consume EAT
Country on the Mediterranean LIBYA
Currently broadcasting ONAIR
Distinctively colored vehicle YELLOWCAB
Dollars and ___ CENTS
Dollop GLOB
Dover's st DEL
Drag accessory WIG
Fish tank gunk ALGAE
Gorillas, e.g APES
Handout with course information SYLLABUS
Hawaiian garlands LEIS
Inactive IDLE
Large amount SEA
Leave BAIL
Clues Answers
Lowest roll of two dice SNAKEEYES
Madison's state WISCONSIN
Market transaction SALE
Mine materials ORES
Name for a pet octopus INKY
Norway's capital OSLO
Off-Broadway awards OBIES
Olden times, quaintly YORE
One of the six simple machines LEVER
Owns HAS
Pairs DUOS
Parts of some costume jewelry RHINESTONES
Place for sledding HILL
Place to book a room INN
Produce as a result YIELD
Quick-moving AGILE
Receded like the tide EBBED
Reproductive health specialist OBGYN
Scratched RAKED
Self-conscious, maybe ILLATEASE
Show's counterpart TELL
Sidney's love interest in 'Brown Sugar' DRE
Significant periods ERAS
Singer-songwriter Janis IAN
Steamed bun BAO
Strap for guiding a horse REIN
Superlative suffix EST
They may look like greens to people with deuteranomaly REDS
Throw out TOSS
Unhappy cat noise HISS
What unleavened dough doesn't do RISE
Win's opposite LOSS
Winter Olympics athlete SKIER
Word repeated in Hozier's 'Take Me to Church' AMEN
Yoga pose ASANA
___ grrrl (feminist punk movement) RIOT
___ out a living (gets by) EKES
___ Tome and Principe SAO