USA Today - May 28 2020

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Clues Answers
'I ___ Rhythm' GOT
'I'm Not the Only One' singer Smith SAM
'If it ___ broke . . .' AINT
'Kudos!' WAYTOGO
'Nevertheless, ___ persisted' SHE
'Someone Like You' singer ADELE
'Wow!' DANG
Additionally ALSO
Adrenaline ___ RUSH
Ahead of the pack ONTOP
Big fuss TODO
Breadwinner, e.g EARNER
Brewed cupful TEA
Bright road signal FLARE
Buddy PAL
Chunk of history ERA
Dashboard letters RPM
Disapproving sound TSK
Drain insert PLUG
Elapse GOBY
Entertain AMUSE
Espionage agent SPY
Fake name ALIAS
Geometric measurement SURFACEAREA
Girl Scouts unit TROOP
Gochujang, for one PASTE
Important part of the table HEAD
In a fitting way APTLY
Informal convo CHAT
Its southeast contains Laos ASIA
Jump done in ice skates AXEL
List of options MENU
Little tiff SPAT
Made a decision CHOSE
Makes happy PLEASES
Manila folder protrusions TABS
Mathematical proportion RATIO
Clues Answers
Meat popular in Hawaii SPAM
Music genre of Jamaican origin SKA
Name that's another name backward NOEL
Nonkosher sandwich BLT
Occurrence EVENT
Pack into a takeout container, perhaps BOXUP
Pixar robot WALLE
Place to swap vows ALTAR
Point-of-view column OPED
Ran quickly TORE
Recorded for later TAPED
Road goo TAR
Rough-and-tumble skating sport ROLLERDERBY
Rudimentary beds COTS
Salad green KALE
Salty sign of sadness TEAR
Sandra Bullock movie set on a bus SPEED
School URL ending EDU
Significant other BAE
Simon & Garfunkel, for one DUO
Skin marks WELTS
Slimy garden creature SNAIL
Some hail damage DENTS
Switch position OFF
Symbol on a list BULLETPOINT
Take the ___ (assume control) HELM
The 'A' of IPA ALE
Time after time OFTEN
Total buffoon ASS
Up to the ___ TASK
Very serious GRAVE
Visit for a meal EATAT
Visited college campuses, say TOURED
Wedding application HENNA
Where Sylvia Ardyn Boone was tenured YALE
Word after 'candy' or 'snack' BAR
___ in the middle MEET