USA Today - May 25 2020

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Clues Answers
'Don't do it!' RECONSIDER
'Hey,' sneakily PSST
'Hold ___ something!' ONTO
'i cant even' OMG
'Just a ___ . . .' SEC
'Something to Talk About' singer Bonnie RAITT
'That ain't it' NAH
'Tomb Raider' protagonist Croft LARA
'You messed up' syllable TSK
'___ come around' HELL
'___ Lisa' MONA
'___ Tunes' LOONEY
15-Across contents AGUA
A long, long time AGES
Actress in '227' and '24' REGINAKING
Bad smell STENCH
Beam-splitting object PRISM
Blood donation amount PINT
Capital home to a speedway, for short INDY
Circus props STILTS
Clean Water Act org EPA
Come out from a source EMANATE
Cornstarch brand ARGO
Delicious TASTY
Downs' counterparts UPS
Dubai's country, for short UAE
Everglades st FLA
Explanatory visual DIAGRAM
Figs. on transcripts GPAS
Fits of fury RAGES
French for 'good' BON
Gramgram NANA
Hand out hands DEAL
Harmony SYNC
Have another try with REDO
Hoops great Sheryl SWOOPES
Impediments to collaboration EGOS
In the cafeteria, say ATLUNCH
Inquire ASK
Clues Answers
Insists upon DEMANDS
Major goddess in Egyptian mythology ISIS
Massage spots SPAS
Millipede's multitude LEGS
Not pro- ANTI
November race TURKEYTROT
One way to travel RAIL
Person corresponding with the IRS TAXPAYER
Plant that sounds like two letters IVY
Prefix between 'micro' and 'pico' NANO
Put a seat belt on STRAPIN
Republic in southern Africa ANGOLA
River in Pakistan INDUS
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's recruiter SANTA
See 49-Across PENGUINS
Short distance to travel on a subway ONESTOP
Small source of music EARBUD
Something on a calendar HOLIDAY
Something on a calendar SCHEDULE
Spanish for 'sea' MAR
Story TALE
Stuff in chromosomes DNA
Sycamore, e.g TREE
Torah holders ARKS
Traveler's projection, briefly ETA
Triumphed WON
TV channel named for an element OXYGEN
Unsteady WAVERY
Urgent letters SOS
Voguing strut DUCKWALK
Wee bit TAD
Williams regarded by many as the greatest athlete of all time SERENA
With 66-Across, 2005 nature documentary MARCHOFTHE
Without stopping ONEND
Wrongdoing SIN
Young blokes LADS
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
___ pond KOI