Universal - Apr 8 2020

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Clues Answers
"Love Story" co-star, after being "nationalized"? MALIMACGRAW
"Phew!" OHGOOD
"That's more like it!" AHYEAH
'80s tennis champion, after being "nationalized"? GHANAMANDLIKOVA
Airline until late 1991 PANAM
Alias initials AKA
Ate away ERODED
Battery terminal ANODE
Book series with object-filled pictures ISPY
Breath mint brand TICTAC
British brews ALES
Chinese cookers WOKS
Choir accompaniment ORGAN
Chose from a lineup, briefly IDED
City or highway stat MPG
Comedian in "Black-ish," after being "nationalized"? RWANDASYKES
Designer Mizrahi ISAAC
Feeling :-( SAD
Ferber and St. Vincent Millay EDNAS
Give a hand to AID
Give, as a task ASSIGN
HBO host Bill MAHER
Headquarters for Panasonic OSAKA
Illuminated like old streets GASLIT
In a sitcom, say ONSCREEN
Include in an email ATTACH
Informal "What if ..." SPOSE
Justice Kagan ELENA
Keto and Paleo DIETS
Like investing all your money in one stock RISKY
Like some lowbrow novels TRASHY
Low-tech fryer? PAN
Make a meal of HAVE
Makes (one's way) WENDS
Mechanical pencil need LEAD
Mister, in Munich HERR
Moon goddess SELENE
Nutrient found in carrots VITAMINA
Clues Answers
One who should fail a polygraph test LIAR
Ones who right words?: Abbr EDS
Ooh's partner AAH
Open with amazement AGAPE
Openly confess AVOW
Parent's words after "because" ISAYSO
Parody MOCK
Part of a play ACT
Pessimistic sort CYNIC
Physics particle ATOM
Powerful table tennis shot SMASH
Prayer enders AMENS
Prefix for "nautical" AERO
Prefix for "Saxon" ANGLO
Rainer of "The Great Ziegfeld" LUISE
Ran ___ light ARED
Reaches a conclusion ENDS
Repetitve learning ROTE
Rest one's feet SIT
Roman seven VII
Seat of power THRONE
Second take, say REDO
Shows such as "Game of Thrones" DRAMAS
Singer Merman ETHEL
Slick to the touch OILY
Small string ensemble TRIO
Small, sandy spot ISLE
Sneak a look PEEK
Soft powder TALC
Stand the test of time ENDURE
Trouser measurement INSEAM
Try to go unnoticed LIELOW
U.K. reference work OED
Underground rock MAGMA
Walked with difficulty LIMPED
When Daylight Saving Time starts MARCH
Wicked EVIL
___ tai MAI