Wall Street Journal - Apr 8 2020 - Help! Help!

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Clues Answers
“Phooey!” DRAT
“Tahitian Pastoral” painter PAULGAUGUIN
“___ girl!” ITSA
“___ the Voice of the Lobster” (Lewis Carroll poem) TIS
App customers USERS
Bag checkers at LAX TSA
Baja boy NINO
Bit of thunder CLAP
Cal. spans YRS
Chico, of the Marx Brothers ELDEST
Cloth scrap RAG
Demosthenes delivery ORATION
Dwight’s 1956 opponent ADLAI
East Lansing sch MSU
Ecclesiastical split SCHISM
Et ___ ALII
Farm fathers SIRES
Farm mother EWE
Feels lousy AILS
Fella GUY
Fella MALE
Follow in a game GONEXT
Free app pop-ups ADS
Gallic “goodbye” ADIEU
Get into the pool BET
Gifts from Mom and Dad GENES
Hardly industrious IDLE
Hub of the Northwest SEATAC
Invite to dinner, say ASKOUT
Itinerant NOMAD
Jin Young Ko’s org LPGA
Just like that EASILY
Kind of bull PAPAL
Klobuchar, Warren or Sanders: Abbr SEN
Leaning ASLANT
Like Schoenberg’s “Pierrot Lunaire” ATONAL
Like the Ides of March ANNUAL
Clues Answers
Live-in help, and what’s contained in 17-, 23-, 38- and 49-Across AUPAIR
Loses steam SLOWS
Lummox APE
Major work OPUS
More pale-looking ASHIER
Observe Ramadan FAST
Paper piece OPED
Piece of fiction LIE
Pipe fitting? TOBACCO
Police cruiser feature RADIO
Polo of “The Fosters” TERI
Precept TENET
Provider of intel, in spy jargon ASSET
Prudent SANE
Puts on a patch, say SEWS
Really fancy ADORE
Saffron-seasoned dish PAELLA
Seat of Wisconsin’s Marathon County WAUSAU
See 45-Across NINE
Set eyes on SPOT
Shopping aid LIST
Shopping spree bagful, slangily HAUL
Smog contributor AUTOEXHAUST
Tailor’s concern FIT
Tempest in a teapot ADO
Thrills to pieces ELATES
UB40’s music REGGAE
Unrefined PLEBEIAN
View from the Minster of Bern AARE
Visit, as a rest area STOPAT
Water balloon sound SPLAT
Wee one TYKE
Westwood sch UCLA
When repeated, island near Tahiti BORA
With 44-Across, when Mozart wrote his Symphony No. 5 AGE