USA Today - Apr 12 2020

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Clues Answers
'Didn't expect to see you here!' OHHI
'I can explain' HEARMEOUT
'Look what I just did!' TADA
'What's the ___?' ('Who cares?') DIF
Backside REAR
Barnes & Noble e-reader NOOK
Be adoring DOTE
Be the right size FIT
Broadway award TONY
Bull on a glue stick ELMER
Capital near Casablanca RABAT
Capital of Western Australia PERTH
Capital on the northern slope of the Himalayas LHASA
Chocolate drink since 1904 OVALTINE
Clarinets and saxophones, e.g REEDS
Constricting snake BOA
Contest of speed RACE
Country north of Chile PERU
Dad ___ BOD
Dismissive response to an irrelevant example THATDOESNTCOUNT
Docs for dogs VETS
Egg producer HEN
Exercise program founded by three Albertos ZUMBA
Exorcism target DEMON
Features of distressed jeans RIPS
Fez or fedora HAT
Firepit residue ASH
From scratch ANEW
Golf rarities ACES
Greek vowel IOTA
Group for boating enthusiasts YACHTCLUB
Habitat for ornamental carp KOIPOND
Hang on a clothesline DRY
Happy GLAD
Heat in the microwave ZAP
Interpol city LYON
Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy VEEP
Kitchen appliance RANGE
Kite's home NEST
Clues Answers
Lemon meringue ___ PIE
Liberty Island symbol TORCH
Like belly laughs LOUD
Little quibble NIT
Lovestruck teen from Verona ROMEO
Luxury watch brand CARTIER
Many a Utahn MORMON
Milk source EWE
Molecular unit ATOM
Most bears have five per paw TOES
Motel offering ROOM
Mushroom tops CAPS
Musical finale CLOSINGNUMBER
Olympic track legend Jesse OWENS
Partner of willing ABLE
Places where travelers stay INNS
Play ___ in (influence) AROLE
Polka ___ DOT
Pool event SWIMMEET
Principal character CENTRALFIGURE
Privy to INON
Recipe guesstimate DASH
Request to a waiter ORDER
Research places LABS
Rollover ___ IRA
Security assignment PATROL
Small-screen honor EMMY
Spiderweb, for one TRAP
Sushi burrito wrapper NORI
Synonym for 'totally' hidden in this clue ALL
Take for a ride CON
To-do documents LISTS
Told a whopper LIED
Uninvited picnic guests ANTS
Unreliable FLAKY
Vacuum brand ORECK
Wall-climbing plant VINE
Word after 'raw' or 'big' DATA