Universal - Dec 28 2009

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Clues Answers
" ___ and the King of Siam" ANNA
"Dear" book DIARY
"Jingle Bells" preposition OER
"Monopoly" board abbr. AVE
"QB ___" (Uris novel) VII
"____ a pity" TIS
Acoustic organ EAR
Advertising medium POSTER
Amusing antic HOOT
Ancient marketplace AGORA
Arm-over-arm swinger APE
Artless one NAIF
Attend a boarding school PREP
Baseball hitter? BAT
Beer bash buy KEG
Before, in verse ERE
Bellboy's bonus TIP
Benefited AVAILED
Birth name signifier NEE
Bottom of a clog SOLE
Buy-one-get-one event SALE
Cause for penitence SIN
Certain transportation cost CARFARE
Covert ___ (military assignments) OPS
D.D.E. was one GEN
Dance maneuver DIP
Distinguishing flavor TASTE
Diving eagles ERNS
Economize on the wedding ELOPE
Fair's opposite FOUL
Farmer's market container CRATE
Faux ___ (social misstep) PAS
Fish eaten at bars SUSHI
Former name of Tokyo EDO
Frontier figure SETTLER
Furry tree-dweller of the Amazon TITI
Clues Answers
Get leverage, in a way PRY
Guadalajara goodbye ADIOS
Had no catching up to do LED
Hebrew's first letter ALEPH
Holmes of "Batman Begins" KATIE
Hunting, as for food PREYING
In perfect health FITASAFIDDLE
Ingredient in lotions ALOE
Lack of laxness RIGOR
Large brown seaweed KELP
Like Oral Robert's ministry PENTECOSTAL
Majorette's twirler BATON
Nibble between meals SNACK
Not give a definite answer STRINGALONG
Oil and vinegar holder CRUET
Oral health org. ADA
Ostentatious display ECLAT
Outspoken champ ALI
Pacifying gesture SOP
Pass, timewise ELAPSE
Psychic skill ESP
Relaxed in the fitting room? LOOSE
Run the show STAGEMANAGE
Salary limit CAP
Slow gastropod SNAIL
Slow summer sellers SLEDS
Sludgy stuff GOO
Storybook monster OGRE
Target of a pass RECEIVER
Teetotaler's vehicle? WAGON
Ten-millionth of a joule ERG
Theater lighting-effects device GEL
Title for Jesus (with "the") REDEEMER
Van Gogh floral subject IRIS
Warmongering bugs ANTS
Was in theaters RAN
Win at musical chairs SIT
Yard filler ALE