Wall Street Journal - Apr 7 2020 - Sporting Chance

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Clues Answers
“Aw, heck!” NUTS
“Did you start without me?” AMILATE
“You said it!” TRUEDAT
About 80% of the elements in the period table METALS
Alexa alternative SIRI
Audience’s show of impatience SLOWCLAP
Bearded antelope GNU
Broke ground? HOED
Broody rock genre EMO
Camera setting AUTO
Chicago airport letters ORD
Christopher of “Superman” REEVE
Co. with brown trucks UPS
Compound used in solvents KETONE
Dense fog PEASOUP
Didn’t fast ATE
Dog with a curly coat POODLE
Drivetrain gear PINION
Dye for temporary tattoos HENNA
Early rocket traveler CHIMP
Elite group ATEAM
Energy VIM
Eve in “Killing Eve,” for one SPY
Fiery candies REDHOTS
Foreign policy issue AID
Group of whales POD
Having a knack for GOODAT
Hive inhabitant BEE
Improve a video game character’s abilities LEVELUP
Indian honorific SRI
Interminable time EON
Ionized gas PLASMA
Is profitable PAYS
It disappears on rising LAP
Juice brand with a distinctive bottle POM
Clues Answers
Like many wine barrels OAKEN
Love at La Scala AMORE
Low probability of success, and a hint to the circled letters OUTSIDESHOT
Mom-and-dad orgs PTAS
Number of Mousquetaires in a Dumas book title TROIS
Off-kilter ASKEW
Old man, familiarly POPPA
Opposition member ANTI
Org. whose members are experts at driving PGA
Performs brilliantly SHINES
Place to get boots and bindings SKISHOP
Player who passes on passing BALLHOG
Polo need MALLET
Regrettable SAD
Repeating electronic rhythm sample DRUMLOOP
Result of too much cabin pressure? AIRRAGE
River through Lake Geneva RHONE
Salsa alternative CHEESEDIP
Sarge’s superior LOOIE
She has her OWN network OPRAH
Shell variety? DIESEL
Some NFL linemen TES
Sounds at a fireworks display AHS
Sphere ORB
Stationary INERT
Still YET
Super stoked AMPED
Superlative suffix EST
Tiny bit MITE
Transplants in a greenhouse REPOTS
Unsightly sight EYESORE
Vedder of Pearl Jam EDDIE
Welcomed into one’s home HOSTED
Wooden strips LATHS
World of Warcraft spellcasters MAGES
You might trip on it LSD