Canadiana - Apr 6 2020

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Clues Answers
'Til hell freezes? NEVER
A jury, e.g PANEL
Accurate FACTUAL
Alberta town OLDS
And the rest, abbr ETC
Anoint ANELE
Astound AMAZE
Before, poet ERE
Blends well? OSTER
Born as NEE
Case for small objects ETUI
Chou en _____ LAI
Cobra ASP
Consume USE
Criminal investigation org CID
Daughter of 34 Down EMILIE
Daughter of 39 Down CECILE
Daughters of Zeus MUSES
Disaster org EMO
Dummy SIMP
Entrance PORTAL
Farrell and others EILEENS
Father of 28 Down OLIVA
Forever ___ ANDEVER
Gets there ARRIVES
Grape plantation VINERY
Hair do PERM
Clues Answers
Hunting feline MOUSER
Leaven YEAST
Linear accelerator LINAC
Macaws ARAS
Merit EARN
Nicotinic acids NIACINS
Norse name OLAF
Of itself ITS
One Musketeer ARTEMIS
Plains tribe UTE
Requests PLEAS
Roman 52 LII
Rower's concern OAR
Salamanders OLMS
Silk garment SENDAL
Sister of 1 Down YVONNE
Sister of 28 Down ANNETTE
Sister of 9 Down MARIE
Sold out shows SROS
Sophomore, for short SOPH
Sound of 18 Down HISS
Step jauntily MINCE
Strait, abbr STR
Tout, in Trois Rivieres ALL
Tropical root YAM
Turner and others LANAS
UN Secretary, once LIE
Unpleasant remedy ENEMA
Wife of 39 Down ELZIRE
Zeroed RESET