The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8245

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Clues Answers
Bring about INSTIGATE
Burnt residue ASH
Christmas decoration TINSEL
Come to an end; die EXPIRE
Court WOO
Escape, avoid EVADE
Fill with gas INFLATE
Four-sided figure RHOMBUS
Humorous FUNNY
Less well WORSE
Male demon INCUBUS
Norwegian playwright IBSEN
Of first importance PRIME
Clues Answers
Pig; plant SOW
Prevent from succeeding THWART
Remedy for all ills PANACEA
Rinse; rain off wash out
Stamp; publisher's name IMPRINT
Steal; small quantity PINCH
Suit pattern PINSTRIPE
Using tobacco SMOKING
Very cold ICY
Very frightened TERRIFIED
Wardrobe item HANGER
Well known NOTED
Woody plant SHRUB