The Washington Post - Apr 5 2020

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Clues Answers
'Anderson Cooper 360°' channel CNN
'At Seventeen' singer Janis IAN
'Babe' in the 1995 film, e.g RUNT
'Beat it!' SHOO
'Cheers!' SKOAL
'Cool beans!' NEATO
'Crimes and Misdemeanors' actor ALDA
'Don't forget we're having omelets'? BRINGHOMETHEEGGS
'Exodus' hero ARI
'How's that again?' words EHS
'I, Claudius' role NERO
'Saving Private Ryan' craft: Abbr LST
'The Gold-Bug' monogram EAP
'You left me no choice' IHADTO
2019 MLB World Series champs' division NLE
Ad headline SALE
Angry reaction SNARL
Approx EST
Architect Saarinen EERO
Arrive GETIN
Arrive onshore, perhaps ROLLIN
Asian genre influenced by The Beatles JPOP
Assns ORGS
Atlanta-based channel TBS
Au pair's subj ESL
Australian export OPAL
Austrian composer Webern ANTON
Bank (on) RELY
Bank deposit SILT
Banned fruit spray ALAR
Basic video game PONG
Beauty GEM
Biblical miracle units LOAVES
Bikini blast NTEST
Bill with billions GATES
Brewer's oven OAST
Brief warning about the links? NSFW
Brother of Andrew the Apostle STPETER
Calypso offshoot SKA
Canonized Mlle STE
Carbon compound ENOL
Chilled ONICE
Churchill's 'so few': Abbr RAF
Coll. major ENG
Colonial bloodsucker VAMPIREBAT
Condition STATE
Contemptuous look SNEER
Court contest TENNIS
Debussy's dream REVE
Defense gp. since 1948 OAS
Detective's aid LEAD
Diamond used as an abrasive BORT
Doc bloc AMA
Dry Spanish sherry FINO
Ernie's pal BERT
Facebook option SHARE
Features of beer and sponges FOAMS
Fuddy-duddy FOSSIL
Full-length UNCUT
Getting too many rays SUNBURNING
Give or take, say VERB
Havens OASES
Hawaiian for 'long' LOA
Help-wanted ad abbr EOE
Hitching aid THUMB
How early LPs were recorded INMONO
Hudson Bay nation CREE
Clues Answers
In check ATBAY
In conflict with, with 'of' AFOUL
Iona College athletes GAELS
It's enough for Juan BASTA
Johnson of 'Laugh-In' ARTE
June 14 honoree FLAG
Jungle climber LIANA
Kiara's mother in 'The Lion King' NALA
Kiwi or rhea RATITE
Largest of the Balearic Islands MAJORCA
Leering sort OGLER
Legal claims LIENS
Like Stout's Wolfe OBESE
Like the club that Sinatra, Zappa and Capra belonged to? FULLOFFRANKS
Lucky one at the dairy raffle? BUTTERWINNER
Luther's crime, per the Diet of Worms HERESY
Mag man with a mansion HEF
Makes less unruly TAMES
Martial art with bamboo swords KENDO
Modern sources of reflections BLOGS
Mormon prophet, or the Utah city named for him LEHI
Mountain geography feature GAP
NBA part: Abbr ASSN
Nintendo's Super __ NES
Nobelist Bohr NIELS
NYC dance troupe ABT
Obama attorney general Holder ERIC
On the job, for short TCB
One in a roundup STEER
Opposite of love ABHOR
Pasta on the barbie? GRILLEDMACARONI
Pedestrian startler HORN
Peke or Pom LAPDOG
Plop or plunk preceder KER
Poetic feet IAMBS
Pond buildup ALGAE
Ravel's 'Gaspard de la __' NUIT
Roswell sightings, briefly UFOS
Saint-Saëns trio ESSES
School near Windsor ETON
Sea of troubles ARAL
Short stroke PUTT
Shows for the first time UNVEILS
Slate or Salon EMAG
Smart follower ALECK
Sniffing the jalapeños? SMELLINGPEPPERS
Some appliances GES
Some summer shows RERUNS
Splendor POMP
Splitting target LOG
Sticker in a bar DART
Suppressed anger SPLEEN
Sweater material ANGORA
This, in Toledo ESTA
Throat problem STREP
Tongue trouble? SLIP
Town group that decides what kinds of lawns are allowed? TURFBOARD
Undercoat SEALER
Unexpected eccentric skydiver? ANUTOUTOFTHEBLUE
Uranus, e.g ORB
W competitor ELLE
Walk clumsily, like the Jabberwock slayer GALUMPH
Wear down ERODE
Where mariners go TOSEA
Wouldn't stop talking RANON
WWI battleship Graf __ SPEE
Yours, to Yvette ATOI
__-12 Conference PAC