The Washington Post Sunday - Apr 5 2020

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Clues Answers
'All the same ...' EVENSO
'Always Be My Maybe' star Wong ALI
'Animal Kingdom' airer TNT
'Ebony bird' of poetry RAVEN
'Happy to hear it!' GREAT
'I ___ your point' SEE
'No way!' IWONT
'Once' opening ACTI
'Soon afterward ...' THEN
'Station 19' channel ABC
'Stop' while sailing AVAST
'Tommy' rocker Townshend PETE
'WALL-E' studio PIXAR
'___ all relative' ITS
'___, Earl Grey, hot' (Captain Picard's drink request) TEA
18, for Youth Olympic Games athletes AGELIMIT
Academic assessments TESTS
Acid's counterpart BASE
Addams Family cousin ITT
Air Max shoe brand NIKE
Ambulance device SIREN
Ancient statue garb TOGA
Ancient stone markings RUNES
Boot from the throne OUST
Bowlers, derbies, et al HATS
Brand of swim caps SPEEDO
Brief presentation DEMO
Burn, as at an altar CENSE
CBS News journalist María ___ Salinas ELENA
Ceaselessly ONEND
Charm or wit, e.g ASSET
Chat for a while GAB
Chef's filter SIEVE
Chipeta's people UTES
Clock app function ALARM
Clock app function TIMER
Coffee containers URNS
Concerning ASTO
Corned beef preserver BRINE
Course on actor Cage and TV show writer Pizzolatto's lives as students? CLASSNICS
Course on how to be sophisticated? URBANESTUDIES
Course on motion and energy as taught by college basketball coach Auriemma? GENOPHYSICS
Course on tallying up anatomical pouches? SACCOUNTING
Course on the architectural style invented by former NFL coach Ewbank? WEEBDESIGN
Course on the development of small fruit pies over the centuries? TARTHISTORY
Course on the moral choices faced by a bovine that's attracted to both male and female bovines? BIOXETHICS
Course on the peculiarities of a bottled spirit? GENIETICS
Course on the science of Vincent van Gogh's brother? THEOOLOGY
Cried out like a calico MEOWED
Dangerous safe jobs? HEISTS
DC Comics heroine inspired by a goddess ISIS
Debate team position PRO
Defendants' defenses ALIBIS
Did what queens do RULED
Disallowed NIXED
Disney character from Atlantica ARIEL
Disorderly scrap FRACAS
Draw orally SUCK
Eco-graffiti plant MOSS
Elizabeth Warren's house SENATE
Employs against USESON
ESPN writer Wickersham SETH
European ___ (snake) ASP
Extra period of time to complete a school assignment ... and what's spelled out by the extra letters in this puzzle's courses EXTENSION
Flowery compositions ODES
Foxy Brown specialty RAP
Francis's Italian home ASSISI
Fruit in a salsa recipe MANGO
Fun-games link? AND
God wielding a bow EROS
Clues Answers
Green cocktail garnish LIME
Hover as though operating a jet pack LEVITATE
Id ___ (that is) EST
Identify, on Instagram TAG
Ignited LIT
Illegally off-duty? AWOL
In style CHIC
Inspects covetously EYESUP
Inspiration for the phrase 'acid rock' LSD
Intensify, as emotions DEEPEN
Interjects ADDS
Is audibly surprised GASPS
It has lots of slots VEGAS
Italian sonnet's finale SESTET
Ivory Coast neighbor MALI
Knitted hand warmer MITTEN
Leave a federation, say SECEDE
Like perfect aim TRUE
Like Warheads candy SOUR
List-finishing abbr ETC
Livid state IRE
Lowest sudoku digit ONE
Maggie of 'Psych' LAWSON
Master of arts? VIRTUOSO
Matriarchal figures, affectionately NANAS
Metaphorical desire ITCH
Michelangelo's marble masterpiece PIETA
More standoffish ICIER
Murphy of 'Schitt's Creek' ANNIE
Narrow-necked pear BOSC
Nations in cooperation ALLIES
New Deal enactor, initially FDR
Objects ITEMS
One discussed in Velma Pollard's linguistics book 'Dread Talk' RASTA
One getting a lesson TUTEE
Palermo resident SICILIAN
Palindromic film studio MGM
People who don't solve the daily jumble? SLOBS
Piercing for many an Indian bride NOSERING
Pinch TAD
Prime meridian hrs GMT
Put cash down MADEABET
Quantity of brownies BATCH
Renders moist WETS
Result of inflation? EGOMANIA
Run in the Sun? PRINT
Serb or Sorb, e.g SLAV
Sizable chamber group NONET
Some cuts of beef LOINS
Soprano's quality TONE
Southern diner bowlful GRITS
Squalid SEEDY
Sun-kyun or Jung-eun of 'Parasite' LEE
TD pass review format SLOMO
Tentacled polyps ANEMONES
Tinted HUED
Triple axel lander Midori ITO
Underdogs' triumphs UPSETS
Victoria's Secret buy BRA
Wave movement TIDE
Well-arranged NEAT
Women of la familia TIAS
Zoo animal, or an oaf APE
Zoo animal, or an oaf ASS
___ Jeanne d'Arc STE
___ Research Center (NASA laboratory) AMES
___ Royale (1930s auto debut) REO
___ space OUTER