Universal - Dec 27 2009

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Clues Answers
"... as ___ it ..." ("in our opinion") WESEE
"... with a banjo on my ___" KNEE
"Luann" cartoonist Greg EVANS
"Mayday" SOS
"Spirited Away" genre ANIME
"What ___ supposed to think?" AMI
"___ De-Lovely" ITS
A solo HR earns one RBI
Act on a primal urge EAT
Actress Sofer RENA
Amos of song TORI
Any structure that resembles a horn CORNU
Arraignment offering PLEA
Artificial high voice FALSETTO
Asimov of sci-fi ISAAC
Base times height AREA
Based on the number eight OCTAL
Belgrade native SLAV
Benedict of "The A-Team" DIRK
Blackbeard's vessel PIRATESHIP
Blew, as a volcano ERUPTED
Bottom-line amount TOTAL
Boxer's prefight psych job STARE
Bridge between two electrodes ARC
Businessman, disdainfully SUIT
City near Manchester LEEDS
Cotton amount BALE
Cycle start? UNI
Cynic's expression SNEER
Dishwasher's sinkful SUDS
Disturbingly weird EERIE
Doesn't indulge in ESCHEWS
Eastern wrap (Var.) SAREE
Emmy-winning role for Susan ERICA
Extraordinary brilliance ECLAT
Fabricated MADEUP
Freelancer's encl. SASE
French-Belgian river YSER
Freud contemporary Alfred ADLER
Clues Answers
Gill or Vaughn VINCE
Heater flame PILOTLIGHT
Illusory promise PIEINTHESKY
Implement made of flexible, tufted wire PIPECLEANER
In an fumbling way INAPTLY
Itsy-bitsy amount IOTA
Military supply station DEPOT
Natural in craps ELEVEN
Neigh sayer's nosh? OAT
Nirvana attainer ARHAT
Not the life of the party DULL
Oft-torn knee part ACL
Piggybacking on ATOP
Poetic preposition ERE
Pressure unit TORR
Put one's foot down? STEP
Put the kibosh on SUPPRESS
Raspberry drupelets ACINI
Rational belief in God DEISM
Ray who created the McDonald's empire KROC
Re-inkable item STAMP
Reindeer name CUPID
Self starter? HIM
Soft hat materials FELTS
Sport-___ (off-road vehicle) UTE
Stringed instrument pluckers (Var.) PLECTRA
Swindle, in a way DEFRAUD
Syllabus section UNIT
The last word in some stories END
Times Roman typeface feature SERIF
Tropical fever AGUE
Wade's legal opponent ROE
Water cooler? ICECUBE
Wear down, as confidence ERODE
Welcome wreath LEI
What Bo Peep was listening for? BAA
Woodpecker pad NEST
Words from the boss MEMO