USA Today - May 19 2020

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Clues Answers
'A Raisin in the Sun' playwright born 5/19/1930 HANSBERRY
'Another point to consider . . .' ALSO
'Rumor ___ it . . .' HAS
'Same here' DITTO
'Stay!' DONTGO
'The Little Mermaid' prince ERIC
'___ learned!' LESSON
Attention ___ SPAN
Baby ___ HAIRS
Bad-tempered ORNERY
Bird that's a primate minus its first and last letters EMU
Blame-deflecting phrase NOTME
Breathe hard PANT
Capital of Norway OSLO
Coordinated INSYNC
Country where Quechua is spoken PERU
Cut with a beam of light LASERED
Drug for insomnia AMBIEN
Ego Nwodim's show, for short SNL
Enriched learning programs, e.g GIFTEDEDUCATION
Female sheep EWE
Feng ___ SHUI
Flowers grow from them BUDS
Forehead-covering style BANGS
Furious Styles, to Tre DAD
Glorify EXALT
Green prefix ECO
High-to-low movement DESCENT
Illuminated from below UPLIT
Is indebted to OWES
Killmonger's foe BLACKPANTHER
Like DIG
Like someone who embraces their inner child YOUNGATHEART
Lymph ___ NODE
Maintained KEPT
Modest response to a compliment ITRY
Neighbor of Tanzania MALAWI
Not edited UNCUT
Clues Answers
Nothing NIL
Oaks grow from them ACORNS
Ordinary USUAL
Org. playing on ice NHL
Org. that coined the term 'student-athlete' NCAA
Pencil number TWO
Person bringing in money EARNER
Poem type with a Pindaric form ODE
Program for a future doc PREMED
Quick jumps HOPS
Rhyming amount of fun TON
See 49-Across PEDI
Server's handout MENU
Shopping ___ SPREE
Shortened word after 'PED' or 'DEER' XING
Shoulder-to-hip band SASH
Signal CUE
Singapore's region ASIA
Small bodies of water BAYS
Something a broad outline lacks NUANCE
Something a broad outline lacks DETAIL
Starting from ASOF
They might be blocked ADS
They're poured on pancakes SYRUPS
Three-ft. units YDS
Tomato variety ROMA
Tooth material ENAMEL
Trail mix ingredients NUTS
Translation of 'je suis' IAM
Traveled on two wheels, perhaps SCOOTERED
Try out TEST
Very unhealthy TOXIC
Visa competitor, for short AMEX
With 23-Down, combo beauty treatment MANI
Wordless greeting NOD
Words from the brides IDO
Workout unit REP