USA Today - May 18 2020

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Clues Answers
'At Last' singer James ETTA
'Cheerio!' TATA
'It suits you to ___' ATEE
'Moby-Dick' captain AHAB
'No thanks, I'm good' PASS
'Star Wars' princess LEIA
'The Incredibles' fashion designer Mode EDNA
'Things ___ looking good . . .' ARENT
'What's ___?' UPDOG
'Who am ___ judge?' ITO
'You can't be serious!' OHCOMEON
Ad in its own window POPUP
Air mass that affects winter weather POLARVORTEX
Algebra and such MATH
Alter ___ EGO
Bakery emanation AROMA
Bank holding ACCOUNT
Beauty brand owned by Estee Lauder AVEDA
Best players on the squad ATEAM
Blue cartoon character whose French name is Le Grand Schtrou PAPASMURF
Car type SEDAN
Car-stealing video game series (Abbr.) GTA
Choir member ALTO
Cleveland athlete, for short CAV
Comforting bit of mail CAREPACKAGE
Construction toy brand KNEX
Cosmic object first photographed in 2019 BLACKHOLE
Diner dessert PIE
Doesn't stick around GOES
Early stage of life EMBRYO
Fall farmer's market find PEAR
Flip on its head UPEND
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Geographic collection ATLAS
Get progressively narrower TAPER
Green gem EMERALD
Instagrammer, e.g USER
Island near Java SUMATRA
Job benefit PERK
Clues Answers
Kill it SLAY
Land measure ACRE
Leaning Tower locale PISA
Letters before an alias AKA
Like all Iran Air meals HALAL
Looks after Fluffy, say PETSITS
Machu Picchu dweller of old INCA
Minnie Mouse headband features EARS
Native of Colorado UTE
None of the above OTHER
Page in a U.S. 1-Across STATEMAP
Payment in poker ANTE
Perform 'Happy Birthday,' say SING
Playground game TAG
Poem with 17 morae HAIKU
Powerlifting insect ANT
Range of hills RIDGE
Related AKIN
Retailer associated with a coat-wearing monkey IKEA
Rotten BAD
San Francisco athlete, for short NINER
Sarcastic attitude SNARK
Side times side, for a square AREA
Species in fairy tales OGRE
Stick around STAY
Strong wind GALE
Tobacco products, for short CIGS
Told a falsehood LIED
Tourist ___ TRAP
Track shape OVAL
Traffic cone hue ORANGE
Travel by ship SAIL
Unfortunately SADLY
Waikiki's island OAHU
Winter coat PARKA
Wipe away ERASE
___ band ONEMAN