Universal - Apr 3 2020

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Clues Answers
"As ___ on TV" SEEN
"Don't ___ it!" BETON
"I found it!" EUREKA
(What just happened?!) GASP
A 5-Down may be in one FRAME
Acceptable OKAY
Archaeologist's dig site RUINS
As it were SOTOSPEAK
Award for "Oklahoma!" TONY
Beehive sound HUM
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Birdlike AVIAN
Boo-Boo Bear's buddy YOGI
Brought up REARED
Butter on the farm? RAM
Catch a radio show, say TUNEIN
Celebrity news site TMZ
Cheese that may be baked BRIE
Comic ___ (informal font) SANS
Committee type ADHOC
Common April forecast RAIN
Companion of Wynken and Blynken NOD
Currency in Chihuahua PESO
Doily fabric LACE
Door directive PUSH
Due-date extensions GRACEPERIODS
Ella Fitzgerald's forte SCAT
Factual TRUE
First among men? ADAM
First name of TV's Monk ADRIAN
Fluttered, like a flag WAVED
Forum robes TOGAS
Going ___ (fighting) ATIT
Grimm beginning ONCE
Heat "unit" for chili ALARM
Heir's concern ESTATE
Image of a folder, e.g ICON
It has the same consonants as "purest" PRIEST
Clues Answers
Lead-in to "final" SEMI
LeBlanc of "Friends" MATT
Like many teens' rooms UNTIDY
Michelin measure of quality STARRATING
Microwave ZAP
Narrow-waisted insects WASPS
National park known for its red cliffs ZION
Not before or after DURING
Often-blue birds JAYS
One may get bald with age TIRE
Org. that sells stamps USPS
Osiris' wife ISIS
Partner of gown or trade CAP
Perfume ingredient MUSK
Relieved or exasperated sound SIGH
Rival of Ragu PREGO
Roberts who has written 225+ romance novels NORA
Run poorly MISMANAGE
Shad eggs ROE
She/___ pronouns HER
Slow, musically LENTO
Soft touch PAT
Sounds from the MGM mascot ROARS
Spiky succulent ALOE
Spiny succulents CACTI
Summed ADDED
Theater wall hanging POSTER
Turkmenistan neighbor IRAN
Uninteresting, as food BLAND
Verb that sounds like a vowel OWE
Viva competitor BRAWNY
Washington chopped one down, in a myth CHERRYTREE
Way to go, for some athletes PRO
When the Rose Parade airs JANUARYFIRST
Where the Himalayas are ASIA
Z, in sorority names ZETA
___ chauvinist MALE
___ out (barely defeated) EDGED