The Sun - Two Speed - Apr 3 2020

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Clues Answers
Automotive crime hit-and-run
Canoe tossed around in Atlantic? OCEAN
Car stuck on shore — that's no good RUNAROUND
Confident Republican in to take action SURE
Confine English knight nearby ENCLOSE
Convinced SURE
Destroy SHRED
Disconnected DETACHED
Edward got up hurt and isolated DETACHED
Elected representative showing leg? MEMBER
Evasive treatment RUNAROUND
Famed speedboat BLUEBIRD
Father DAD
Flier brought down? BLUEBIRD
Four-winged insect BEE
French place in north Raymond converted NORMANDY
Grouse not following garden visitor BEE
Hard nut in bad accident hit-and-run
Hopelessness DESPAIR
Insect in living nature GNAT
Lose hope as pride shattered DESPAIR
Midge GNAT
Murderous brother confines bishop in hut CABIN
No aristocrat COMMONER
Clues Answers
Northern French province NORMANDY
Old man some led a dance DAD
Peace-making counsel put at risk? ENDANGER
Pleb more frequently seen? COMMONER
Pompous talk to fail as trite from the start BOMBAST
Pretentious talk BOMBAST
Roman legions, initially battered, showing standard NORMAL
Room on a ship CABIN
Sheltered bay COVE
Signal from whaler transmitted ALERT
Smashing red vase is detrimental ADVERSE
Sprint DASH
Star in Lyra VEGA
Star not totally conscientious eater? VEGA
Strange fellow witches in group for the most part COVE
Sudden impact JOLT
Surround ENCLOSE
Taken up as conventional ACCEPTED
The deep OCEAN
Trace river dividing Slough SHRED
Unfavourable ADVERSE
Very little in cupboard as hard-up DASH
Vigilant ALERT
Write about Liberal in shock JOLT