New York Times - Apr 3 2020

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Clues Answers
'Coronation ___' (Elgar composition) ODE
'No problemo!' PIECEOFCAKE
'Right away, boss!' ONIT
'This is dear mercy, and thou ___ it not': 'Romeo and Juliet' SEEST
'To Helen' poet POE
'True that' ITIS
'You can count on me' IWILL
'You Can't Take It With You' director, 1938 CAPRA
*Family name in Shakespeare CAPULET
*Family name in Shakespeare MONTAGUE
*Film technique sometimes used to show the passage of time MONTAGE
*Pill form CAPLET
A Stark, to a Lannister, on 'Game of Thrones' FOE
Absorb SOPUP
Apple varieties IMACS
Bandleader Xavier CUGAT
Billboard's year-end #1 single of 1979 MYSHARONA
Bit of pool wear SWIMCAP
Blowout BASH
Brings to mind, as a flavor TASTESOF
Cancún-to-Havana dir ENE
Championship TITLE
Conway in the Country Music Hall of Fame TWITTY
Determines as the source TRACESTO
Extremely cold GELID
Fired (up) KEYED
First Billboard #1 hit for U2 ... and a hint to the answers to the four starred clues WITHORWITHOUTYOU
Fitbit units STEPS
Follows, as a tip ACTSON
Gives quite a shock TASES
Guinness record-holder for the most career goals in football PELE
Having all one needs SET
Help to get back on one's feet? REANIMATE
In need of toning down ABITMUCH
In the center of MID
Inundates with junk SPAMS
Jai ___ ALAI
Clues Answers
Language in which 'Hello, how are you?' is 'Halò, ciamar a tha thu?' ERSE
Leaves on the line LETSDRY
Like N.F.L. referees since 1975 MIKED
Likely to snap TESTY
Lin ___, author of the best seller 'The Importance of Living' YUTANG
Livened (up) GINGERED
Loretta of 'M*A*S*H' SWIT
Mariner's skill ROPEWORK
Member of hoi polloi PLEB
Modifications to text EDITS
Never-before-seen ALLNEW
New York City's ___ Delano Roosevelt Park SARA
New York paper that published the very first crossword WORLD
One might be measured by the pound MUTT
One who doesn't give up REALTROOPER
Part of an aircraft wing SLAT
Pay (up) ANTE
Place for a # TWEET
Place to look for a date CORNERSTONE
Put in the ground INTER
Reason to say 'Duh!' BONER
Reluctant to give details COY
Skirt or curtain feature PLEAT
Some phone notifications during March Madness UPSETALERTS
Standout diva performances SOLI
Stare slack-jawed GAPE
Stat that doesn't apply to Teslas MPG
System of modified spellings used on the internet LEET
They're in one year and out the other FADS
Unfamiliar ALIEN
What might end a wrestling match UNCLE
Willowy LITHE
Woman's name that sounds festive NOELLE
___ Fring, 'Breaking Bad' bad guy GUS
___ Jima IWO