New York Times - Apr 2 2020

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Clues Answers
'OMG, that is soooo funny!' ROTFL
'Star Wars' droid, informally ORZO
'There it is!' TAKECREDIT
'Well, ___-di-dah!' LAH
Abbr. on a bank statement BRONZESTAR
Afore ALS
Alfalfa's love in 'The Little Rascals' WRAP
Analyze, in a way ORB
Animal also called a zebra giraffe OKAPI
Animal often with a 'mask' around its eyes FERRET
Bloke ZOO
Certain public transport ISAO
Certain public transports ELS
Chaotic situation, metaphorically BOXER
Christmas, in Italy NATALE
Dessert not for the diet-conscious TORTE
Dope NBC
Elf's evil counterpart ORC
Fancy-schmancy language ... or the contents of some special squares in this puzzle FAB
Gas brand that's also a musical direction ARCO
Glasgow-to-Liverpool dir SSE
Golfer Aoki INT
Graphic in a weather report MAP
Green sauce ROTH
High-hat SNOOT
Ike's W.W. II command: Abbr DIMPLES
It's a promise VOX
Jabber? ASSAY
Jack of 'Rio Lobo' ELAM
Large-beaked bird found in Africa HORNBILL
Love to death FELLA
M.B.A., e.g.: Abbr DEG
Made, as one's case PESTO
Manhattan, e.g.: Abbr ZIT
Clues Answers
Manhattan, for one AIL
Medal for bravery, perhaps BOR
Monopoly quartet: Abbr RRS
Network with the all-time greatest number of Emmys CLAMOR
Old PC software DARLA
Only card of its suit in a hand SINGLETON
Part of a diner showcase PIE
Philip who wrote 'American Pastoral' TIL
Places for to-do lists NOTEPADS
Places where business is picking up? SINGLESBARS
Poet's contraction NORWAY
Poke around PRO
Popular Italian car, informally ARTOO
Potential resource on an asteroid ORE
Relative of turquoise TEAL
Response when playing innocent MOI
Ricelike pasta ODOR
Run a fever, say AHA
Sandwich alternative ALFA
Say 'Yes, I did it' ETO
Slowpokes TRAM
Social media fad that went viral in 2014 ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE
Something not to do before Christmas? PEEK
Spot on the face, informally RAD
Things to memorize LINES
Trample STEPON
Tryst locale NOTELLMOTEL
TV host once with an 'Explaining Jokes to Idiots' segment BILLMAHER
Untagged NOTIT
Up to NEER
Website with the slogan 'Understand the news' ERE
What 17-Across raised money for, in brief SOB
What smiles may make PLED
Whence the phrase 'wear one's heart on one's sleeve' OTHELLO
Winter Olympics powerhouse SNOOP
[Poor me!] ADORE
___ Wilson, lead singer of Heart ANN