The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1582

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Clues Answers
A row involving Irish transport organisation AIRLINE
An old work about an Indian city POONA
Class going round rear of medieval fortress CASTLE
Communications satellite rattles frightfully TELSTAR
Extremely coarse, genuine breakfast food? CEREAL
Flourish container for grain husks? BRANDISH
Give the game away? A clumsy greengrocer might spill the beans
House in Home Counties beside busy road SEMI
Impression made by one politician introducing bill IMPACT
In maturity, engineers see eye to eye AGREE
Large jug sheep found by river EWER
Leaseholders finally circumvent any rent mix-up TENANTRY
Liquid food caught on? Just a touch SOUPCON
Clues Answers
Loss of girl’s looks and bearing DISAPPEARANCE
Particular sci-fi film seized by Irish legislators DETAIL
Personification of sun initially shining over Llandudno SOL
Rainstorm in Ulster county, on the rocks some say? DOWNPOUR
Reduced charge for salad ingredient COS
Self-satisfied, having rejected sweets SMUG
Shrewd girl in outskirts of Coventry CANNY
Specious excuse from platoon leader regarding message PRETEXT
Start of exciting film, a blockbuster EPIC
Trick woman into breaking up a group of stars CONSTELLATION
Vocally expresses disapproval of alcoholic drink BOOZE
Way fashionable eighteenth century elegist identifies fish STINGRAY