Universal - Mar 31 2020

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Clues Answers
"Bleah!" UGH
"Hakuna ____" MATATA
"If looks could ___ ..." KILL
*Mountain, for Boulder (see letters 3 to 9) LOCALTIMEZONE
*Symbolic (4 to 10) EMBLEMATIC
*Wealthy spouse providing income, perhaps (1 to 7) MEALTICKET
Actress ___ Naomi King AJA
Angry, with "off" TEED
Assist with a heist ABET
Attaches a button, say SEWS
Audition goal PART
Band whose name symbolizes its raw energy ACDC
Birth rite BAPTISM
Boot out EJECT
Bouncers ask to see them IDS
Buzz HUM
Californie, par exemple ETAT
Center MIDST
Churchgoer's cry AMEN
Commandment verb SHALT
Dessert with a tart filling LEMONPIE
Door fastener HASP
Emergency key ESC
Environmental sci ECOL
Fill to capacity SATE
Flag pin site LAPEL
Follower of "Bon" or "mon" AMI
Garden type BOTANICAL
Give a speech ORATE
Giveaways at the poker table TELLS
Great enthusiasm ZEST
Green building? BANK
Have a bite ___ TOEAT
Heavenly circle HALO
Inbox delivery EMAIL
It may pull a barge TUGBOAT
Its salespeople may pitch tents REI
Clues Answers
Jai ___ ALAI
Last word of a threat ELSE
Like champagne in a bucket ONICE
Literary tea party attendee ALICE
Milky coffee drink LATTE
Most irritable TESTIEST
Mr. T's crew ATEAM
New England cookouts CLAMBAKES
Not much ABIT
One can be clipped or painted TOENAIL
Org. that confiscates drinks TSA
Past, present or future TENSE
Pay to play ANTE
Pilgrimage destination MECCA
Presidential debate topic, or a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters CLIMATECHANGE
Punctuation mark in a list COMMA
Radiating joy AGLOW
Resistance unit OHM
Respectful address with an apostrophe MAAM
Rub out ERASE
Some choral singers ALTOS
Spanish gallery contents ARTE
Sports center ARENA
Story TALE
Submarine sandwiches HEROS
Thing to swipe at a store DEBITCARD
Tooth coat ENAMEL
Two years, for a U.S. House member TERM
Type of test for an app BETA
Verb on a campaign button ELECT
Verboten TABOO
Waste maker, they say HASTE
What may be close to one's heart? PACEMAKER
Wild guess STAB
Young bloke LAD
___ & Perrins LEA