Wall Street Journal - Dec 25 2009 - December 25, 2009 - Gift Returns

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Clues Answers
'Copacabana' showgirl LOLA
'I'm returning these pants-I don't dig them like I used to' MINEDJEANS
'I'm returning these pet accessories-they're quite holey' GODCOLLARS
'I'm returning these sheets-I tuck them in, but they're always coming out' DEBLINENS
'I'm returning these toy fighters-they're really lousy!' NITSOLDIERS
'I'm returning these woods-I beat myself up every time I use them' FLOGCLUBS
'I'm returning this concert CD-it's profoundly bad' EVILRECORDING
'I'm returning this feathered headdress-it's just not refined' RAWBONNET
'I'm returning this laundry product-it only works on blouses' TOPSREMOVER
'I'm returning this room warmer-it makes my floor bend downward' SAGHEATER
'I'm returning this scented spray-it smells like a bog' MOORFRESHENER
'Seasons of Love' show RENT
'Something to Talk About' singer RAITT
'Take ___ from me...' ATIP
'The Vampire Diaries' heroine ELENA
'Thrilla in Manila' victor ALI
'What ___ for Love' ('A Chorus Line' song) IDID
11-time NBA All-Star Patrick EWING
Accompanying WITH
Additionally MOREOVER
Argentinian export TANGO
B line? SERIF
Back covers, often ADS
Batik-making need WAX
Bent out of shape SORE
Biblical tempter SERPENT
Bygone OLDEN
Cabbie's question WHERETO
Cal. column heading TUE
Capital about 525 miles west of Moscow RIGA
Capital with a view of Paradise Island NASSAU
Charming lass BELLE
Clue for Kojak LEAD
Collaborate a second time RETEAM
Comes down RAINS
Company thinker IDEAMAN
Cone's counterpart ROD
Course requirement? FOOD
Cry of disgust PAH
Cryer and Voight JONS
D.C. interest group PAC
Dash off WRITE
Deal maker AGENT
Decorate DOUP
Disorderly demonstrations RIOTS
Down SAD
Dubya's Secretary of State CONDI
Dull lecturers DRONERS
ER personnel RNS
Erenow AFORE
Fabio's farewell CIAO
Fan setting STANDS
Fender offering GUITAR
Fillmore's successor PIERCE
Final stroke, generally PUTT
Finch feature BEAK
Flammable anesthetic ETHER
Fluffy wrap BOA
Four-time Masters champ PALMER
Gas company activity METERING
Generous sort DONOR
Go after SEEK
Hint of hue TINGE
Historian's concern PAST
Hosp. section ICU
In storage AWAY
Irish bosun of literature SMEE
Irish New Age star ENYA
Clues Answers
It may be struck POSE
Its flag features a khanjar dagger OMAN
Julia of 'Legends of the Fall' ORMOND
Kwik-E-Mart proprietor on 'The Simpsons' APU
Laser output RAY
Lifestyle expert frequently seen on 'Today' BSMITH
Like an unspoiled paradise LUSH
Like Jacuzzi water AERATED
List letters ETC
Listless feeling ENNUI
Litigious sort SUER
Loan officers turn them down BADRISKS
Marathon runner's need STAMINA
Mel's 'Maverick' co-star JODIE
Mock title for a pompous boss HISNIBS
Musical transport ATRAIN
Oktoberfest souvenirs STEINS
Old casino game FARO
On the sundeck BASKING
On the take DIRTY
One unlikely to pass the bar SOT
Online singles service available in English, French and Hebrew JDATE
Painter van Eyck JAN
Pasticceria purchase CANNOLI
People who honored the creator Viracocha INCA
Person in a growth industry FARMER
Pipe bend ELL
Pool legend Willie MOSCONI
Prepared for a drive TEED
Prime AONE
Prime rater, for short USDA
Promotion accompanier RAISE
Put in the hold LADE
Remains unused SITS
Results ENSUES
Rushing meas. YDS
Separating devices SPACERS
Set of tools KIT
Shoe inserts LIFTS
Sibelius, for one FINN
Sidestepped AVOIDED
Single-handedly ALONE
Sixth of an inch PICA
Something to hammer out DENT
Source of change MINT
Sources of distress BANES
Taps tooter BUGLE
Tea made from young leaves PEKOE
Tiny particles MOTES
Traditional Scottish dish HAGGIS
Treachery PERFIDY
Treat with tea SCONE
Troubled ATEAT
Two-time Wimbledon champ LENDL
Unspoiled paradise EDEN
Valentine's Day gift ROSES
Was imminent LOOMED
Wind-formed mound DUNE
Winter forecast SLEET
Word repeated in a Doris Day song SERA
Writer Calvino ITALO
Writer Kafka ANTON
Yao Ming and Dikembe Mutombo CENTERS
You can lean on them ELBOWS
You'll find them around a stage door JAMBS